Are you dealing with anxiety and feel like maybe you need to take a medication toh elp with your symptoms? In this video we will go over some of the top …


  1. Ive been having severe anxiety for 7 yrs. N been on xanax 1mg 3X a day. N im barest getting a better…i didn't drive,work, n barley left the house for 6.5 yrs… but im getting better this yr. Thank God stay strong folks anxiety is a bitch its hell i know ..was going to the E.R. every month for yrs…so i understand. Stay strong

  2. I have OCD, GAD, Recurrent Major Depressive Disorder and adjustment disorder with mixed anxiety.

    Sometimes it takes the right combination of meds to be able to function again

  3. I’m thinking about just switching back to the 20mg of Lexapro with the 300 mg of Wellbutrin because I’m not tolerating the Prozac well as far as the headaches and the lack of energy

  4. I’m on 300 mg Wellbutrin and 30 mg Prozac and I have a severe headache everyday and my energy is abnormally low
    I was on Lexapro 20 mg with 300 mg Wellbutrin and it worked well
    2 months into this Prozac switch I’m hating it
    What do you think about this mixture???? I have severe anxiety and panic attack disorder and CPTSD

  5. Anxiety Meds don't help and only make thing's worsen 👎 i started taking natural remedies from mexico and started going out more, i couldn't drive or be around people or in crowded areas and also had bad & crazy thoughts, but now I'm feeling better thank God 🙏🙏🙏 Remedies are the best 👏👌

  6. I have PTSD, anxiety disorder, depression,insomnia, my doctor will only give me lorazepam, which works, but Librium has worked better but can't get it. The visteril, which is prescription benedryl, gave me a seizure, and I do not have epilepsy. Im retired, almost 60, and have had these issues my entire life. Sad that medicare doesn't cover therapist cost, so I watch videos to replace a therapy session. So far it's working, thanks for the info.

  7. Used to be on .5mg of Xanax or alpeazolam but I hated being on it because when I would drive on it I would doze off and would not remember a thing during class the next day. It pretty much controlled me and made me super relaxed to the point everything was numb in a bad way. Yes my anxiety went away but honestly I hated being on it so I stopped taking it and only took it 1-2 times a week. I no longer take it except when I have problems sleeping and the hydroxazine doesn’t work.

  8. NEVER take Benzodiazepines (Benzo’s), Ativan, Xanax… they don’t fix anything, make your fight or flight worse, and trigger a physical addiction that is near impossible to withdraw from. They will ruin your life.
    Try antidepressants for a long term treatment. Like Zoloft or Prozac for a year or longer to get your nervous system back. Plus exercise – you will never fix your nervous system without exercise.

  9. I have generalized anxiety with PTSD my blood pressure was through the roof had rapid heart beat aprazalam was given to keep me from having anxiety I was on 3 1mg pills a day I was able to wein off 1 but having a hard time getting off the other 2 . Very addictive I hate to be dependent on meds

  10. Simple… I take 40-50 mg rohypnol and voilà… Anxiety gone. And to prevent tomorrow's anxiety I take longlasting benz like diazepam. Only a little. 80-90 tabs a 10 mg keeps the future anxiety away. And if I feel depressed I simply buy a couple of grams amphetamine. Works like a charm.

  11. If you need meds for anxiety and depression take it. I have for over 20 years since my baby was born with heart murmur and died 14 days old. I at one time was ashamed and didn't tell anyone. But now I have to use my meds to have any kind of life. If you need this medicine to help just take it and pray the LORD will help it work to help you. 🙏

  12. Propranolol has its pros and cons. Was given this for anxiety and migraines. Problem is my blood pressure runs pretty low and this medication almost bottomed me out. Not to mention, it made my headache worse. Weird.

  13. We need to get together and make doctors listen to us! It's a hell I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy! I'm on benzos all day long I dont abuse them I take them as prescribed! Not everyone is a drug addict! With all the other meds u talked about and some days it barely takes the edge off! I've found some doctors dont want to be bothered with people that have anxiety. They want to sweep it under the rug as if it's not a serious problem!

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