1. I only get offended when people try to take away my rights or the rights of other human beings. Or if people are intentionally hateful or treat others as if they are below them because of who they are.

  2. I think it’s very easy to answer this. People in the first world countries have attained so much comfort in their lives that they have nothing better than to fight over nonsense.

  3. Self-censorship is basic to civilization. As our society becomes increasingly vulgar in its speech and hedonistic in its behavior, I hope this becomes apparent while civilization may be preserved.

  4. I learned something recently. We are letting people our age or younger telling us how to act and speak. And sadly, politicians and actors/actresses are endorsing these people. So our country is the definition of a child ruling the household.

  5. I don't think it's anyone in particular being worse that before, I think it's just that people can make an angry tweet without ever having to stop and think about it and maybe take some time to calm down or think before spouting whatever.

  6. Thank you for summing all of this up so nicely. Over the past years I've exponentially been getting more and more exhausted of this whole "woke" movement. Heck, some years ago we called them "butthurt snowflakes" but now they even get some nice name like "woke".
    As I was a kid, I was raised with the idea to treat everyone with a fair amount of respect unless they give me active reason to disrespect them. Which applies to everyone regardless of what minority status they do or do not have. This idea always worked fine and, at least to me, seemed fair. For instance, someone being gay does not harm me, so it is none of my business, and not my place to treat a gay person any different than I would the next person. Same when it comes to being trans, nonbinary, of a particular religion, race, disability, …
    Yet in recent years there seems to be more and more advocating to take everyone's unique, particular needs into account. Suddenly it is your responsibility to study up on each group's do's and dont's and tiptoe around everyone as otherwise you might just offend someone. I mean come on, we are humans, not Pokémon for which you study their typings and movesets.
    By all means, some things surely are only a tiny effort of consideration to make another human being more comfortable. But when you have to give an extensive range of very specific considerations and catering toward every single unique individual you meet, that's simply not feasible. Before we had this simple idea that everyone adheres to some generic social norms to fit in, now you're somehow supposed to take into consideration each and every unique "trigger" for each person. With all the love and respect in the world; how do they see this playing out? (For instance, take the community of people with A.S.D. and how there are internal arguments on how some wish to be called "person with autism" while others insist on "autistic person". How should any person who is not even remotely involved on this topic comprehend this?!)
    It would be so, so great if we could adopt the mentality that went around some 15 years ago where you just applied your common sense to display basic respect to other people, and to not take every damn thing personal what others say or do. Simple stuff can be nice.

  7. When filthyfrank was around it was so funny. He literally joked about disabilities and racism and it still was funny. now people are
    finding roblox despacito 21st humor funny.

  8. Twitter cancel culture has ruined the internet, I can’t enjoy anything funny anymore without being called a homophobe or racist etc.
    So what laugh at a Jew joke or something?
    It’s funny not nazi propaganda, honestly I hate the overly pc people, I grew up watching YouTubers like filthy frank, idubbbz and maxmoefoe, who are very against politically correct content, so I like to think that I am tolerant compared to these pathetic selfish people who can’t take a joke, and as Aaron said your life could depend on it.

  9. Thank you i have been trying to make this argument for years. And everyone always "oh ur a racist and a bigot and a sexist. People are way too sensitive now. But they were right about the pug he recruited me me to the nazi party last week.

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