The SPRK Cartridge – Leafly Reviews

Leafly checks out the SPRK cartridge from PCKT, a refillable cartridge you can top off with your favorite cannabis oils and distillates. You can find the SPRK in …


  1. Looks pretty cool, but I'm wary of the cartridges because I have no idea how the oil is extracted. Like are they using solvents or nah? Think i'm going to stick with dry herb vaping for now.

  2. Looks cool I’ve never tried any of new things i still just roll and pack one looks interesting but hard? Idk just ol school hippie here y’all ✌️✌️🔥

  3. At my disepensary they just released a new product called "DoubleBarrel", and they are SUPER expensive. Why? Maybe just the name makes it so much more than it is.

  4. Maria stop telling me what I can read on my own on some other site and tell me what YOU really think? I personally don't think you're into Cannabis and its culture otherwise you'd be telling me what it compares to, pros, and cons, but nope it appears to be just another job for you. Yo Leafly stop showing me peeps I can't relate to, give me someone that has enthusiasm for this, don't care much for the sexyness I'd trade it for knowledgeability thanks.

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