The RV Life & Recreational Cannabis ~ RVing into Colorado

Today we are RVing into Colorado, the land of recreational cannabis shops. The purpose of today’s video is to inform and educate about who and what you may …


  1. I'm going to Colorado for my next big trip. I'm in SC, I just got back from DC and after getting used to no parking lots I loved it.
    The driving is long coming back but I think I'm going to take the back roads instead of the interstate to get to Denver. Just waiting for the weather to improve and I'm gone.
    I'm probably going to split the 22hr drive into 7hrs a day. Are there camp sites that allow you to camp from you car ?

  2. I don't know how old you are… I'm 52 and have been smoking weed for 37 years… everyone in my circle has too… we all graduated HS and college and are normal regular people… we have never called it cannabis…we also never called any amount a "lid"… so I wouldn't suppose the new generation would know what that is lol… I don't think you have any idea what you are talking about…

  3. Good video. As a first generation Hippie I'll say that IMO you you didn't quite hit the nail on the head but you've got it surrounded. You were tacet about a very important aspect…FUN.

  4. The government sell cigarettes and alcohol because they kill people and hospitalise doesn’t they cut down the population and make money it’s disgusting

  5. Thanks for sharing. Good to interview some older 60-70 year olds. Im trying to educate my parents. Its sad that some people are not open minded to cannibus. So- Good job- keep educating the people.

  6. Just an FYI for viewers……..if you want to jump to the actual info referenced in the title, then start the video at 3:20 into it. That way you'll avoid the annoying music and a bit of blah, blah, blah stuff. And the walk through of the cannibas store starts at the 10:00 mark, although it's very short and not very informative.

  7. Hell, I’m a Texan… so that pretty much means that I’m a conservative, Christian, “country boy”. I pay my taxes. I hunt, I fish, I camp… shoot I was a Boy Scout from 1st to 11th grade. I smoke pot. You’d never even suspect it.

  8. Trinidad, Colorado… Nice Bro! That place has more Dispensaries per population than ANY city in the State of Colorado! Plus Trinidad was the last County to go Recreation by Vote… but what’s fucked up is you talking shit about Sonic and my Cousin (the guy who took your order) on your Youtube channel… small world huh shitbag?

    You might want to watch who the fuck you talk shit to, most people in Trinidad that are not management or in the Cannabis business are POOR/BROKE! Way to be a dick. Who knows, maybe someone on your “travels” with recognized what a douche canoe you are and won’t rent you a spot…. just saying, you should watch your mouth.

    And for the record, we all know you still smoke and that’s why you and everyone else out of state stops and parks at Safeway before walking up to the corner. Quit playin…. unless you love Goat Cheese, which by the way… BEST IN THE WORLD GOAT CHEESE (in season)!

  9. I believe that marijuana can be used for good is medicinal ways, but I don't support recreational marijuana. Marijuana is a gateway drug. I know this is the case with some high schoolers. I worked with a guy that smoked weed (he has a dealer) and he acted stupid and didn't work hard. He was sometimes high at work. The kids who I know that barely passed high school and always skipped class would drink and smoke weed and God knows what else. If you look up the side effects of short and long term exposure: they are not good. I indirectly know a few people who have cancer that use cannabis and it helps them.

  10. oh because the taxpayers voted it in these are the same dumbasses that they use in it and the politicians don't care because it's just a better tax base for them. thanks for making all the people's debts and protection to ourselves and Country all in vain

  11. all the people just like you who use this stuff and now that it's becoming legal made everybody who ever died who was tortured to protect us and I country from it inow all in vain. go have a good time.

  12. Out in Colorado just be careful in your RV it's not legal in any federal parks and make sure you get rid of everything before driving through Kansas…… you have about a 90% chance that they will stop you they will use dogs and if there is anything in there they will find it and Kansas don't pull no punches don't smoke because of my lungs I use edibles and vape

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