The MORE Act: A Fair and Just Approach to Marijuana Policy

The war on drugs has adversely affected people of color for decades. If enacted, the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement (MORE) Act has an …


  1. I agree with all this. EXCEPT the one part of businesses of colour. Colour should not dictate laws of congress or whether or not you get help from said taxes ALL should benefit White, Black,Brown…green if that's your thing…Man woman trans gay straight.

  2. Wait, when you are saying not deny ANYONE welfare benefits… doers that mean welfare benefits for illegal immigrants? If that's the case, this thing wont pass!!!!! That's bs! Why do they keep trying to add benefits for non citizens in all these new deals?! Our welfare system is strained enough as it is! They won't even get citizens help thru this covid but they want to give it to illegal immigrants? HELL NO.

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