The Legal Marijuana Industry Is Rigged | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix

As rich, white business owners monopolize newly-available marijuana licenses, states continue to arrest people of color for cannabis crimes, even after it’s legal.


  1. Pretty naive for those who wanted legal, "government regulated" weed. As if big business and government wouldn't put a strangle hold on the market immediately.

  2. Also rigged are the state lotteries, casinos, contractors and everything else a politician is involved in. All causing higher productivity of the citizen base. It will not end well.

  3. Why would only Joe Biden call the Zig Zag man the "Zig Zag" man? What does that mean? I'm not laughing & you acted as that dumb statement was supposed to be funny? Consider your audience you embarrassed yourself!

  4. Not true. Venezuelans represent and OWN a HUGE, disproportionate, amount of medical marijuana. In multiple states. And the workers tend to be as well. Heck my head grower, of a very very large company, doesnt even speak english lol. And my company is owned by Venezuelans as well.

  5. In Missouri they are giving priority and licenses to rich yt people not the poc who’ve suffered for more then 40 years with the war On drugs now the colonizers are profiting from what we were serving life sentences for absolutely disgusting

  6. If you are blind to systemic corruption you believe systemic racism. Its all good. Its called being a fucking piece of shit corrupt politician. Sweet.

  7. 1) Well that is expected? Weed (like all agricultural products) is a commodity. So economies of scale were inevitable.
    2) The mistake was vertical integration. You don't want vertical integration in commodities. You do want it in tech (think Apple or Spacex) where all the systems need to be tweaked together to create improvements. You aren't tweaking a commodity to produce synergistic improvement
    3) 12:58 No one cares about race. You are acting like an entitled white girl. What was the economic class of the owners? That's what Im interested in. Getting some rich black people owning weed shops isn't an improvement as far as I can tell

  8. good vid its all about the money in germany they want to legallys but you can only grow then u have grown for some years but u cant have grown for some year because its ilegall so it goes into the hands of the bigplayer as always

  9. First of all, stop referring to cannabis as "a drug!" Itis a naturally occurring herb, used for centuries for its many healing properties. The US government labeled it as a scheduled drug, like LSD or heroin, to give big pharma the ability to sell all of their synthetic drugs that mimic other naturally occurring chemicals. In the 90's, it was proven scientifically that humans have an entire endocannibinidol system, to which it is actually the largest "system" in the human body, larger than the integumentary system (skin.) Also, cannabis is only hallucinogenic when HEATED. Otherwise, by juicing, or preparing in other ways not involving heat, it is non hallucinogenic AND very beneficial, especially in providing CBD's that bind with those endocannibadiol receptors in our bodies to provide pain relief! There are many other uses as well! It is so much SAFER than synthetic drugs, including NSAID'S! And, it does not have the constipating effect that synthetic meds have!

  10. Yes !! My mom faught Florida to get medical cannabis on the ballot and after 18 years she finally won . Only to get screwed over by these people in the end. These people as usual have there interests in making $$ and not helping patients. My mom is a patient and she created a strain for patients and they screwed her over. I can't mention names but it's sad that they made hundreds of millions of dollars and refuse to pay her the 30gz they owe her. So that just shows me how ruthless rich people can be. The women is completely handicapped and is in a wheelchair and she created a strain for patients and these people screwed her over big time. Karmas a bitch though!!

  11. The big companies are in with Monsanto's seeds. All of the dispenceries are licensed to sell genetically modified weed. Not straight out of your local gardens. I wouldn't smoke that shit.

  12. idk what the weed scene is in india but i have friend who does it with his dad. when almost any form of weed is taken in controlled amounts it's good for health like everything else. but what surprised me more is that an indian kid does weed with his indian dad and he probably knows a dealer and i think he hits around 3 joints a week. idk why but he also wanted me to try smoking green tea. if anyone has smoked green tea can you tell me what it's like?

  13. Waiting for some sort of perfect scenario doesn't mean shit to someone who really needs the drug you say wait……. there are people who are sick and dying or in prison that afford to wait…….you are a ducking idiot

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