The Earthing Movie: The Remarkable Science of Grounding (full documentary)

“The Earthing Movie: The Remarkable Science of Grounding” is directed by Sundance Award-Winning filmmakers Josh and Rebecca Tickell (The Big Fix, FUEL, …


  1. @56:36 attractive blond with the bulldog…maybe since your watching this video, maybe you'll Hear this: Please! Lets stop breeding dogs to have little to no noses…a lot of them need Surgery as pups so they can BREATH.
    Please stop breeding dogs to have compromised nasal airways. Put Yourself in Their shoes .
    It discussed me to hear her talk on this subject and see she keeps such a dog.
    Sorry. But i speak for the dogs…We should know better.

  2. 🙋me I am ..why the hell arnt doctors telling us sick ppl about this ? Well I no dam well why ….that drug company called big farma … disgusting how they won't share this …well I dam well am gonna xx great documentary 🌹❤️🌄🌿🦋🐝

  3. I do not love shoes. Part indigenous. Have triple wide feet. Shoe companies think if my instep is that wide? So should my heel. No its not. Shoe companies are missing out on money they Could make off of me and others like me…just saying. I wear flip flops, mens xtra wide shoes and go barefoot on my own time.
    I know Grounding from a Witchy source. It does wonders for the soul. Kinda like the lady sings,"shake it off!…" use Grounding to help too.
    Also have severe tendinitis , carpal tunnel and now: tremors. I wear cheap bead and magnet bracelets. They aleve pain. Want to try it? Give it a good 20 min. Good luck with that. Have a great day all.

  4. I do several things. Barefoot on the earth, outdoors cooking food over fire on the earth, standing with palms upwards facing the sun at sundown with the golden rays of light beaming over me makes me feel very relaxed and wonderful, outdoor showers (using $10 black solar bag hung in tree), cold indoor showers all year around, casual strolls anywhere natural in bushland…go at own pace…stop and crouch and observe anything that catches the eye, walking in my homemade labrinyth, kneeling & swirling my hands through the dirt on the ground from time to time, crushing eucalyptus leaves or homegrown herbs and inhaling deeply for pure aromatherapy.
    All makes you feel good!

  5. Growing up in India,walking on grass barefoot in the morning was promoted big time 45 years ago. I am sure just like ayurveda, yoga, homeopathy etc, our forefathers had knowledge of grounding. Thank you for the movie!

  6. those parents in the first scene are the example of the selfishness of parents all over the world. who has a kid after being exposed to terrible chemicals and after the doctor even says how you may ruin a newborns life in the worst of possible ways

  7. I've ridden horses most of my life, and always felt better after a ride. I always thought it was just something about working with another creature that helped me, both physically and emotionally. But then it incurred to me while watching this that I was spending all that time horseback actually being grounded through the horse as well, which could've also had something to do with it.
    Also may be why there's so much success with equine therapy in treating various ailments, from PTSD to autism and ADHD.

  8. Its not the act of using your foot its anywhere your body is interacting with the natural environment aka microbes, germs, bacteria just your foot is the place most contact will happen, without those interactions it makes us all far more likely to get diseases. The more you interact with nature the stronger your immune system. Who do you think has pushed all this fear of germs and massive chemicals barriers to germs and microbes. They put the same fear in raw meats and unpasteurized milks as cooked meats kills all the healthy microbes and germs and bacteria as does the pasteurization of milks we do not pasteurize our mothers milk. We are the only creatures on earth who fear germs and cook there food….SILLY HUMANS

  9. 05:4309:35 If you only have 4 minutes, watch this teeny section! "Little girl? With scarlet fever? There was nothing they could do for her? They were traumatised? And they did WHAT??? Dug a pit in the ground & put the little girl into it? And just sat with her, for like days???? And then the next thing you knew she was up running around? She was ok???" WHAT???

    Rogha Bhríde Radio, Galway, Ireland.

  10. I don't know that I believe earthing has all of these miraculous healing properties, but I do believe it has some benefits. I used to piss off my local golf course by playing barefoot. Till I found out about all of the various chemicals they use to keep it looking and feeling so nice. I generally am barefoot at home.

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