1. 10 down 3 to go hip hip hooray the flavors for 20/20 or outstanding wow I microwaved a little nugget yesterday actually this morning it's the only this morning dude I got so stoned woo yes 20/20 Trump Huey 707 out September 10th 20/20

  2. Hi man I thought you left but for some reason you was unsubscribed. But all good now. Iv just ordered some neem oil for aphids. Now if I want to make a ltr of mixture up what ratios would you recommend. Ps glad to be back watching your videos

  3. Platinum Dosi amaze me! I remember her from last year and she was my favorite in your garden. Is crazy that she is just growing wild like that and is looking so beautiful. Hell yeah! well done.

  4. "Its a daily grind" amen to that brother. Anyone can grow cannabis, just get a seed and stick it in the ground and it will grow, but to grow massive trees like you do takes so much effort and cost. I can appreciate the many hours you work in your garden, behind the scenes stuff we don't see. I was like, 'how the feck he talking without moving his lips lol!'

  5. A couple topping questions ive always on done 2 topings per plant at what week should i start the first topping and part 2 of the questions about how many weeks after should i top? Or is this more like a feel depending on each plant cuz i always been tu scared tu push it no more than 2 for fear of over stressing like i always topped just the main stems colla at like 8 maybe 9 weeks then again tu each colla splits main stems colla…i feel stupid asking but this is a genuine question

  6. kali mad respect as always. You and I have been growing the sam number of years but while I was being misled by the dro shop you were doing your homework 💪. I'd like to see a video on light pollution and street lights. how do they effect your grow? And how do you stay pest free? ive been spraying neem and insect frass and i get these little tiny leafhoppers chewing on my girls still.

  7. Heck yea You got it going on rockstar. Rockin the garden of weeden like a chem dog. The plants are lookin like someone loves them, great job keep it a rockin ✌🏼 gromie

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