Testing Weird “Lifestyle” Products…What is This?!

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  1. Which product interests you the most? If I could only repurchase one of these items I'd pick the razor for little touch ups! But I also LOVE the mouthwash, shower cap, and hair ties! Ah, it's all good! haha

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  2. do the remover-towels have different styles? because if you put a sachet of every type in your pocket and you would confuse them, this could end bad.

  3. Those hairbands are honestly the best. I have very thick hair and normal hairbands make my head hurt and they always break after a few uses. Not to mention that sometimes normal hairbands are too small to go around three times and twice is too loose

  4. I use those elastics they don't slip out as much, & they don't tangle, or pull hairs out. If you've had knots of hair tangled on your elastics, it won't with these. That's why so many people love them, me included. 👍

  5. I’m 11 and I love crystals!!! I have so many and it all started at my baby shower when we had a glass pot thing and people would make wishes and put quarts in!! So yeah

  6. I know I am late to the party but I finally had some time to binge-watch videos I missed. I wanted to say something about the hair ties lol. They are actually really amazing, normal hair ties will leave a mark in my hair you know like a kink in it and my hair gets tangled in them super easily. These old telephone cord hair ties don't leave marks in my hair and my wavey/curly hair doesn't get stuck in them 🙂

  7. if anyone is thinking about regularly using the wipe stuff plz don’t if you can help it,, they create a lot of waste and are not good for the environment

  8. Mama Bee: You know who it would look cute on?
    Molly: (unamused) You?
    Mama Bee: GALLOP.
    Gallop: Am dog. Do not need shower cap. Not funny. Not cute.
    Molly & Mama Bee: SUPER CUTE. 😂❤️

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