Techno, Fascism and Flakka: Georgia’s Deadly Drug War | High Society

Deadly synthetic drugs made by Russian darknet cartels are spreading through Tbilisi’s world-famous nightlife scene. VICE’s Bo Hanna went there to find out …


  1. I’ve had a mdma sucker in Singapore, the worst weed I’ve ever had in Dubai, hell I even bumped 2 lines of Tati in a Tokyo bathroom, but I don’t think I’d use anything here.

  2. I wonder how many sex slave traffickers, murderers, political thugs, robbers, gang members, mafia, cartel, etc that they would be able to get in jail if they redirected all the drug enforcement officers to the real problems. World would probably be a lot less dangerous. America spends billions alone enforcing drug laws.

  3. Its basically like the moonshine era in the US. Polices are so harsh that you can't get the safe substances that wouldn't do much to you that you resort to the harshest things you can find to try and experience a high.

  4. Putin recently said you mess with Ruski vested interests we'll knock your teeth out…..seems many are already missing teeth from the drug epidemic.

  5. 2 solutions for drug problems in the world :
    1. Legalize weed.
    2. Drug education for every drug out there and the choice between rehab and jail whenver one is arrested and having hallucinogens being not looked at like LSD AT MAX.
    But flakka? I don't blame them man, I'll be honest about this one. The drug induces alot of aggressive behavior, not only overdoses, I think that whoever sells something like flakka or fentanyl in the streets should be arrested for like 50 years, I don't care who he is, what did he do, if he's a good or a bad person Flakka/fentanyl 2MG+ bars of xanax, heroin syringues = jail
    LSD, Ecstasy, Weed, Cocaine MAXIMUM should just walk in peace and do their thing.

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