Synthetic Cannabinoids – Myths Vs Science By Dr Raimondo Bruno

Dr. Raimondo Bruno is an Associate Professor in the School of Medicine at the University of Tasmania. His main research interests include the cognitive …


  1. Last week i got some "hash", it looked and felt like good quality blonde hash but had no smell whatsoever. I already was sceptical but i took a bong hit anyway. Bad decision! As i was exhaling i already felt uncomfortably high, it only got worse over the next 5 minutes. My whole body was buzzing so hard i felt numb, i couldnt move anymore sitting on the couch still holding the bong in my hand. My heart wanted to jump out of my chest and i was sweating heavily. My vision got dulled, only a small part of my vision was focused. I had very (!) bad paranoia and thought i was gonna die… these effects lasted for about 20-30 minutes and after one hour i was completely sober again as if i hadn't smoked at all. Worst drug experience of my life!!!

  2. How is this any different than the 4 synthetic cannabinoids used as medicine today (Marinol, etc). They are labeled Schedule 2, even though they are an analog of a Schedule 1 drug.

    This is illegal according to 2012 Synthetic Drug and Abuse Program. In 2016, the FDA declared all cannabis extracts be Schedule 1.

    Under Compassionate Care IND, the goverment gives out medical marijuana, which is federally illegal while the NIDA has a monopoly on research grows.

    To skirt the law like this is not only hypocritical but sickening.

    TLDR it's only legal of the FDA says so

  3. Very informative and the speaker has a charismatic style. Still, I do not know why he titles it "myths vs science" when he addresses no myths. Perhaps the full talk does?

  4. I got an idea how about the government y’all just stay the fuck out of peoples business if you don’t want to do it fine but responsible people are out here. As long as you’re not hurting anybody else I don’t know why you’re gonna fuck with people it all ties back to Richard Nixon and his beloved drug enforcement bullshit

  5. I'm her because idk where to go idk if synthetic are studied I know I battle addiction spice took over all addictions and I would just like to try to spread the word of what this does and my experiences with it to save the next person from trying it…I'm sober but right now but I battle…the seizures I have when I'm off of it drs refuse to help and I kind of understand I'd like to find some scientist or drs that are studying this give them my experiences to get some knowledge about this stuff so the next guy or gal does not go through what I do..any suggestions at all feel free this is a long shot i know

  6. Never has a 'drug' made more logical sense to research, openly & transparently.
    We have a plant (cannabis), that has many naturally grown chemical compounds, which fit like keys in an internal biological system, modulate key functions of our body and brain, in bespoke ways, mostly positively with little adverse side effects. The side effects themselves seem to be able to be modulated by other compounds in the plant.

    It seems "arse about face" to try to synthesize these compounds to use them on humans.. but we don't focus halfway as much as we should on just using the natural compounds, worse even.. we've made the natural cannabis compounds most available: street weed with abnormally high THC and low THC. We made street weed what it is via prohibition.. while pushing pharmaceuticals to treat symptoms that cannabinoids can module, so illogical.. morally corrupt even.

    People should be cultivating cannabis/hemp of all strains in abundance, can be incredibly environmentally friendly. Not to mention good cash flow through farmers and working society, rather than through drug dealers, or worse yet through big pharma.

  7. Withdrawals on these chemicals are dangerous, especially if you have a history of mental illness. When I quit using noids (after 2 years of almost daily use) my whole body was numb and my mind was in a state of surrealism mixed with dissociation. Nothing looked real (even the sky looked like fake), I couldn't feel my skin, couldn't sleep/eat for 48+ hours after quitting, extreme nausea and other intestinal problems, no sexual desire, extreme urge to take more just to feel normal. Who knows the long term effects on my body, these chemicals haven't been tested. People stick with natural weed or beer if you feel like you need to get high, you will destroy your life using synthetic noids.

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