Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken

In the 13 years since Super Size Me, the fast-food industry has undergone a makeover. Today, chain restaurants tout food that’s “healthy,” “organic,” and “natural …


  1. I don't think fast food has changed at all. Everything has sugar in it even the salads, the pecans are honey coated and of course the cranberries that are over sweetened. Just my opinion.

  2. I am 56 and the only films I remember watching in school were all shown with a loud projector, a big screen, and a gazillion splices where the film had burnt or broken. BTW We were not given the option of independent movies everything was made by US dept of education. Despite that we also had art, music, shop, science, and other electives such as basket weaving. My favorite was AV lab. We were the geeks who brought teachers their projectors. Of course we used the projectors for more "specialized" viewing. The blue kind.

  3. People, this is why you go vegan. The meat industry is rotten to the core. Every farmer, every customer and every animal are abused and exploited. Stop defending Big Meat. They could care less about you, why should you give af about them?

  4. I’m never gonna look at Tyson products the same way, cuz now when I go shopping I’m gonna feel disgusted.
    Those poor farmers, Tyson might feel like top dog now but soon they will learn what they’re doing,cuz soon their sales will drop quickly after people watch this documentary.
    They better change their tone before it’s to late.

  5. I really hope all the people he got to speak out against these monopolies are protected somehow, and yet, I believe these massive corporations will do them dirty in any way they can as punishment.

  6. I came here by watching What the health, then going into the rabbit hole of those types of movies. So weird, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver spoke about the meat industry.

  7. I have never seen my 7 year old so mad until the baby chickens where being thrown around and given a vaccine. She was screaming at Morgan and the farmer to stop stabbing the chick's and to stop throwing them on the ground. 🤣🤣🤣

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