Sheriffs in California SEIZE $100 MILLION of illegal Cannabis…

Sheriffs in California SEIZE $100 MILLION of illegal Cannabis… Subscribe to my Other YouTube Channels: LMC CLIPS: …


  1. So basically we now have legal cartels? And they say you can't grow your own? This would be like saying you can't brew your own beer……..o rwalmart saying if you want tomatoes you have to buy from them…..don't be growing your own tomatoes just because you can't afford our outrageous prices…..

  2. Most of these takedowns were Narco-sponsored grows. One of my work associates lived next to the 6k plant takedown and was relieved to see it go. She didn't have a clue it was there but there was non-stop music and partying which isn't uncommon in that neighborhood. There are still plenty of grows in green houses around the neighborhood but the cops weren't interested in them.

  3. If everything was legal there would still be raids on dealers trying to avoid taxes. These dealer would also have illegal (stolen/no serial number) and multi homicide firearms that kinda do need to be taken off the streets. Dumb people want to assume every single pot arrest is a "non violent crime" when alot involve filed number guns, cartels, and drugs "cut" with deadly chemicals or pot grown with bad water and too many nutrients and chemicals. Sometimes the government does care a little bit about your safety there's just WAAAAAAY TOOO much corruption at the top and we can pay the right people to do their jobs properly.

  4. What everyone should do is get industrial hemp seeds and scatter them in fields all over the country and laugh and watch them waste their money destroying industrial hemp lol

  5. Imagine the good the cops in California could do against hard drugs or gangs or whatever, if they quit wasting time and money on cannabis. Arresting people for weed doesn't do much to improve society. They should focus on opiates, meth and coke. That stuff kills people and ruins lives.

  6. Shit like this is always happing here in cal there has been already 4-6 bust in my area for 1000+ plants shit just fucks it all up for us little guys trying to do it right

  7. Meanwhile in the same state law enforcement does nothing about the hoards of meth and heroine junkies or their dealers. Sad they more concerned about a harmless plant than actual poisonous drugs๐Ÿคข๐Ÿคข

  8. The "California Problem" is real. Take Orange County as a Microcosm. Dispensaries are legal in Lake Forest and Santa Ana, but Orange and Mission Viejo Townships have banned Dispensaries, so they only have a "Delivery Service" type situation.

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