Reefer Revolution 2018 Cannabis News Roll-Up: Patients vs Profits – High Hopes for 2019

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  1. Missed live chat
    HEMP technologies
    Hempcrete (air Crete with hemp fibers)
    HEMP Nano sheets for filtering salt water and added to other products for strength
    CBD as a by product of industrial hemp
    My 3 favorite things about cannabis 🌱
    Just made a run to local "rec"
    20$ for 4.5 grams of Louie 13
    6 grams of crumble 80
    1 indie cart for 20
    Very happy !
    They treated me better than "med"
    Legal Lies
    Let America's farms grow hemp again FOR VICTORY
    Good people don't smoke marihuanas
    Champions consume cannabinoids!
    You mentioned Qhomo
    The person who pushed N.Y. cannabis laws was Diane Savino
    A brooklyn/Staten Island representative
    She pushed for home grows and a reasonable model for cannabis
    That's the exact opposite of what N.Y. got (baby steps?) Or $$$
    5 dispensaries for the whole state?
    Rolling Stone Magazine had office on 5 th ave
    When i was a teenage bike messenger I used to deliver to the every day and the whole office was hotboxed, I loved going there
    No they never gave me any!
    CANNOPOLY that's my word of 2018
    Definition : when certain greedy individuals use lobbying to keep others from taking what they believe they are entitled too.
    See "jealous" and"envious "
    Happy New Year

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