Peter Hitchens on Crime, Immigration, Cannabis & the Left

It’s Episode 6 of Season 2 and we’re speaking to Peter Hitchens about law & order, the future of the Left, drug policy, immigration, conservatism and more.


  1. 35:38 That was an eye-opener, crimes did increase,. However, they have been on a downward trend since 2007. Now Portugal seemingly has the lowest petty crime & homicide rate recorded – if the inflection point is to be decriminalization, the regression line fits Sowell's predictions better. Thanks for this

  2. I recently found out that a low life petty gang named the Harris brothers were receiving NZ government money for cannabis addictions,,, while I was in the NZ standing army with a broken back.. I'll never stand for NZ again, only against it. They valued their rugby team in this country more than those that could have prevented the 6 carefully laid grenades from exploding beneath the All Blacks feet while they performed their Haka at AMI stadium,,,,

  3. My brothers from another mother in LOndon, I'm in Linwood, Christchurch, New Zealand and just as this Kaumatua said sell the police helicopters… The new Christchurch police helicopter flew over my Linwood address…

  4. The problem is that most people go with feelings over facts on so many issues.
    Also, the Criminal Justice System is a misnomer. It should be called the Victim Justice System. People keep slamming the police for the problems with increasing crime, but they are only one-third of the system. The courts and prisons need to do their part as well. If the prisons and courts aren’t handing out meaningful punishments, then it doesn’t matter what the police do. If the police arrest shoplifters and the courts just let them go, the police will stop arresting shoplifters as it is pointless to do so.
    Perhaps the reason why the police don’t record crimes committed as a result of drugs is because it would show that it is a serious problem and certain people don’t want to admit that.

  5. I do find Mr. Hitchens extremely insightful and pleasing to listen to, but I do find that some of his views are somewhat unnecessarily dogmatic and obviously learned. Unfortunately visibly against his inner daemon in some cases. I really want a chat with him

  6. God bless you Sir Hitchiens, you speak heartfelt ❤️ truth I have seen happening from the eye of a bl…. pau… Born and bred🇬🇧 and watched this here country being torn down by those that ought know better.
    2020 seeing the rot that can be stopped… But watch and see with truth/fact unless one's heart and mind be dea…

  7. I really enjoyed this interview, although, having some experience in this matter, I disagree with some of his comments about how Police should conduct their duties.

  8. As to the point of Zurich… been there only very briefly, but Vienna is certainly another example of a city where you just do not need a car at all. I've lived there 3 years.. even brought my car, barely ever took it out of the garage and if, usually only to do shopping of larger items. I probably didn't even drive more than 500km in that entire time, probably a lot less. There certainly is a case to be made for proper city planning and integrating a good public transport system.

  9. Hitchens made some good points until his silly Marijuana theory. It's whacky. Alcohol has much more devastating health effects than Marijuana. England is well known throughout the world as having one of the world's worst Alcohol addiction problems leading to all the negative social consequences associated with that. He simply ignores that issue. Hitchens is way out of his depth here.

  10. 30:00 — Peter is too selective in his reasons against, I think. He wants to say Swedish Army says Bad, but ignores the de-facto policies of other Commonwealth armed forces groups; Particularly Navies.

    I had a discussion once with a person who was serving in a Navy; he told me about the laissez faire attitudes on board the ships he'd known regarding cannabis. I expressed utter disbelief; he then asked me, "Who would you rather have on your Emergency or Action station alongside you — a Drunk, or a Pothead?"

    And then, I laughed even harder and puff-puff passed the joint back to him. Yeah… No Contest.

    SO HERE'S THE NEXT TRICK. Hey Peter, my hierarchy of experience informs me that the Best would be the Pothead, the Worst would be a Drunk Pothead, and the DRUNKS are always going to lose that poll in most Navies, at least. The reason is because of what alcohol does, and is classified as. Laws regarding alcohol can go in either direction, Peter.

  11. BAHAHA — I was watching the stream today and riffing in the chat room, and it took me this long to see that FF and KK needs a little help due to changes in the YT algorithm and the chatter bots and the superchats and stuff. 000000 and FFFFFF is a more universally acceptable pattern, and would make it compatible with the Universal Translator as well. #REEEE #LULZ

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