Organic Cannabis Cultivation at Scale

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  1. One way I think a "craft" soil company could compete with the Scots is to create soils for certain regions. Say I have some Santa Marta Gold seeds and want to grow it as close to the original as possible. Seems to me a soil co should be able to produce a compatible soil.

  2. Clean Green is not real certification. It's a marketing group that started between friends and license holders to corner marketshare together. Total joke. 'Certified KIND' is legit to my knowledge and brief interactions with them. Saw Andrew Black at Ecofarm.

  3. I've tried this, pretty average. Better than conventional, but learning you use blood meal don't think I'll be buying it anymore

  4. Tad is just like "yea yea im in Washington state" none of yall know a city besides Seattle and Portland is in oregon…lol free dab to whoever can pronounce stilaguamish

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