Officials cracking down on driving high as marijuana DUIs increase

Officials are cracking down on driving high using new funding as marijuana DUIs increase.


  1. Your friendly police officers and prosecutors. Trying to find more ways to arrest you and ruin your life. You are a tax donkey to the state. Your rights mean nothing.

  2. Y can't they just leave people alone that smoke bud. I would much rather have a driver who smoked weed than a drunk driver on the road.. they might go to slow or stop atva green light but they won't be driving like a maniac

  3. You people are a joke
    Sit back and watch the money grab that's what it's all about
    And how many major accidents are caused by being high on THC maybe a little confusion but that's about it

  4. So if i smoke at noon…when can i drive ? Oh the bs DRE can tell if im impaired, why does alcohol require a specific blood alcohol percentage but these buttheads can tell I’m high with no objective science behind their reasoning.

  5. You knew that various jurisdictions would sooner or later to profit against the public who engage in a another legalized right, because they have no idea how maintain a cash flow without the public of being the “CASH COW”

  6. I've seen alot of these police forces that checks for high driving, outright lie to arrest people who looked tired. 8f marijuana is legal, how the hell are you blood testing people on the road? Does it prove they smoked in the car? No it only proves they smoke at some point… legally. This is just another way to increase false arrests.

  7. Stupid laws to still try to make Marijuana seem so bad who has ever crashed while high we actually pay more attention and are on our toes the government and their dumb laws

  8. Damn republicans always hating on the majority vote. Keep it up Ducey and there will be a democrat as governor soon lol. As well as the other state led officials in other counties.

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