1. Brad, if I mail you my DLI meter, will you take readings in there at each level with the distace measurements up and down and side to side? Also, if you could remove the drivers from the back and take temperature readings..I was eyeballing 2 of these for a 4×4 to grow Cattleyas in a basement, but the lack of a heat sink on there is very concerning and since drivers get so hot, having them on the board will drastically shorten the life. 500 is also pretty steep for me for a 4×4 area.

  2. Also I've just recently placed an air conditioner in there I imagine the humidity is going to cause some chaos and suggestions it's a 12×10 harbor freight greenhouse

  3. Hey Brad this is unrelated to your video but is the condensation dripping from my fans in the lowland greenhouse going to short them out do you have alot of water dripping from the fans in your greenhouse

  4. I know this question has nothing to do with this video: Where do I get plants that eat Fungus Gnats? One is called Sun Dew and the other is Butterwort. I looked at a local nursery on the Mainland but they cannot really say that those will come in. I know you are on the Island in BC. Thank you in advance.

  5. Hey Brad,
    Sometime ago you showed your maxillaria tenuifolia, and it was in beautiful bloom. I have a fairly large one which puts on a lot of new growth every year, but, only flowers sparingly. Like now as well as last year it has 6 flowers on it. What needs to be done to have it flower the way it's supposed to?

  6. I'm so happy about seeing a new video update. I have been thinking about you and how the new place is doing. Looks great. The baby Sarracenias look so cool. I love this indoor grow space you have. And that is a very cool light. So cool companies just send you stuff.

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