MJBizCon: Commercial LED Grow Lighting for 2020

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  1. Same bull shit we hear every year. All this innovative technology bull shit just so the manufacturers can kick up the price. This so called innovative technology is just in the diodes and drivers supposedly, then why dont they last longer? Also I don't like the spacing in between the light bars, to many weak spots. The manufacturers are deleting more diodes and kicking up the price for less coverage. Think about it. Why do you think at the start of the LED revolution all the manufacturers were spacing the diodes so close together.
    I grow with aeroponic systems that I built that are exactly 3'x3'. When I first started growing this way I had a 650 watt led to hang over this system. The manufacturer stated that it would cover a 4'x4' area in Bloom. And it dispersed a glow that far. And has we all know that glow has NO growing power behind it.
    The light fixture itself was only 18"x18" , so hanging this over my 3'x3' system was a waste. Every plant not directly under the fixture didn't even grow half as big as the ones directly under the fixture.
    So I purchased a new LED with these bars spaced apart that was 3'x3'. And guess what, every plant that wasn't directly under one of the bars only grew half as big as the ones directly under the bars.
    So the moral of the story is.
    All this so called innovative technology is complete bull shit. And it's just another way for manufacturers to RIP OFF stupid consumers.
    So before you make these statements, maybe you should do some real research on all this innovative technology.
    Because all these manufacturers are ripping us off more now than they were and all of us sucker's are falling for it.

  2. Lumatek 600 Zeus pro is a AMAZING lite,,,, $1000 but after couple grows it has paid for itself. Can’t imagine wats coming out in years to come,,,,,,,but LED is the future

  3. Low power, low energy consumption, high light absorption rate, 90% of the light energy can be absorbed by plants.

    Green, Environmental, Energy-saving.

    Optical lens Modular assembly Good heat dissipation

    High efficiency, 90% of the light can be absorbed by plants.

    Energy saving can save 80% electric energy

    No radiation, protect people’s health

    Long lifespan can reach 50,000 hours


  4. I know I sent you something on IG I believe, but maybe we can get you to do a review on are 0-10v dimmer with sunrise/sunset high temp dim down and high temp shut down…This all started when we did a 720 fluence light build and we built all the automation controls with built in 0-10v dimming …Then I realized nobody really had a stand alone dimmer besides fluence..So we started to work with fluence and still are to this day cant go in to details but we offer a dimmer at rolliesystems.com .

  5. Alot of gardens running hps how do you sell it for cold weather climates? seems nice for people in the summer..under a $1000 CAN for a 1000w equivalent would be the price point for the near future at local stores otherwise I can't see them buying them to replace its a huge expense without breaking the bank, wages?? industry jobs?? not seeing it yet. No hps fires reported but you need to replace bulbs for fire safety, any encounters with Alma Wade types? unfortunately there was.

  6. rack led lights were around way before gavita one over priced product they could make thier lights cost less but they be greedy if you research you can do better for less same componants just less money

  7. My go to is spider farmer 4000. But just got turn on to a new one fluency is gud but I just was showed a better light that is more efficient and well thought of it light panel have INDEPENDENT drivers so if u have a light issue your not shut down and your plants won't under go that stress

  8. There was opportunity to present a lot of data, the only actual piece was that white light/660nm mix is becoming industry standard, not surprising since CREE presented this as a reference mix a few years ago when they introduced their horticultural series. It would have been nice to hear more about diodes, manufactures and spectrums being used.

  9. Great video eric. I personally would like to test the electric sky es300 v2 or a timber setup which we already talked about being my next purchase. What do you use ,

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