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    I have tripped numerous times (shrooms, substituted tryptamines like 5-Meo-DALT, LSD of course, phens, etc) I was just curious as to your experiences with it. However my trips has always been good.

  2. This is the best video I've ever seen. I really mean that. And definitely the best video I've ever heard about mushrooms, your experience and your fear and you are holding it in for all of that time wasn't for nothing. thank you

    (I cried when you talked about the trees talking back to you, because I understand!)

  3. The best way to heal your emotional scars from any bad experience is to reconfigure your brain to not dwell and simmer on the negative ordeal…..trust me one day when you overcome all this, you’re gonna look back and feel bad for allowing folks hurt you and steal your joy for that long.
    Stay strong sis 🦾

  4. Uhreej, wth I this? I am not around for a few months and I see now you have progressed to magic mushrooms and you're talking about birth control. Holy moly. As far as I am concerned and you and Gareth are abstinent. We need to have a very serious talk, young lady lol I guess I am more conservative than I thought! Keep smiling and be happy.

  5. amazing video! im on a similar journey as you, being desi is challenging, especially when youre lgbt! but seeing your story about your family just because of who you are in love with resonates with me deeply…. i hope things continue to get better for you & keep up the content!!! we need your voice! also, have you had any dmt experiences or would you ever consider posting an experience or live trip of that? Thank you so much <3

  6. You just act like my ideal future self 😀 Like this happy girl who seems to be made of sun, lover and flower, who wants to hug everyone 😃🌻🌺🌸

  7. I understand the whole experience with your parents was traumatic. However, you should not be endorsing the use of mushrooms as a cure. I know the risks of mushroom use is quite low but it varies from person to person. It’s great that you’re depression was cured from mushrooms but you’re depression stems out of situation not because hormonal imbalances I.E thyroid or serotonin.

  8. the meaning of life isnt taking intoxicants. Its understanding there is a higher power that feeds you blessings. there are no multiple higher powers. its one God, Allah.

  9. wow that is crazy Areege (not in a bad way) but thanks for sharing your experience it was really interesting to hear!! When was the last time for you doing this?0

  10. Uhreej. You can lose your mind to shit like this. I work at a hospital so I know. Ive seen things. Please stay away from illegal drugs. Theres a reason why their illegal. Just go and make peace with your family. Thats the cure you need 👍

  11. Drugs cured my depression until my parents found out, that’s when I really got depressed. After hitting highs repeatedly my mind asks if there is more to feel? Would I say NO to trying the next substance? wondering if that is the one to really fix me.. slippery slope

  12. I’ve done shrooms three times now. I’ve had one great, healing trip and two not great trips. I noticed that the good one happened when I had set my intentions to learn more about myself but with the other two experiences I took them more out of boredom and more or less to get fucked up. Just my two cents 🙂

  13. Part 2 will be released tomorrow! 💛 I’m going to be making a Psychedelics Q&A video soon so be sure to comment any questions that you have down below! Thank you for watching!

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