1. Trying to feed everyone in the world is a suicide mission. Let's start with feeding ourselves, then our families, then our neighbors, then our town, then our county, then our state, then our country, then our neighboring countries, then our continent, and THEN we can think about feeding everyone in the universe. People are skipping a lot of steps, and it's laughable.

  2. This farming for profit got gong gong from the start. The more the farmers grow, the more they got from an acre by bushel, the bigger farms of cops got, the more and more the price for the grown goods went down, and some times so much that to not dump the price any lower the farmers did burn the fields, shame. Now to grow 60 corns sticks from a yard on normal soil even on black soil, its not possible, so the farmers use non natural fertilizers and poisons to kill everything that is not corn, after just 10 years nothing but corn may grow on a field like that, shame.TH Ps, all that fertilizers and poisons in 50% go and stay in the soil and get drops deeper and deeper in to the ground all the way to water table and then we drink it and cows to,shame.TH

  3. Oren Lyons one of the greatest Native Americans to live said that when Europeans came over and wanted to buy land us Native Americans laughed how can you buy land it belongs to everyone. He also said we do buy and sell land in this day and age but when you buy the land you forget about you obligation to take care of the land. They talk about maintaining land so that generations to come can have and prosper like you once did is also a Native American ideal and thought, called the 7th Generation which is an instruction or ideal that if you do things to take care of the 7th generation to come after you. Then you yourself will be taken care of while your living. Funny how we were called savages and killed of more than any one race of people and now the earth is in a state of deterioration ideals and ideas we have had and lived by are starting to be talked about but know these ideals and ways of thought have been around way before things started to get bad. Native Americans need more respect but also to be acknowledged for all these ideals we have lived by and lived by not these new age people trying to save things. We have always wanted peace and for the land to provide if you provide for the land these are Native American ideals and ways of thought respect that and acknowledge us as we should be

  4. 55:25 Now why they hell did you guys see it fit to have this guy walk with a bike down that pier or wood pedestrian bridge? Ridiculous. Looked completely out of place.
    Stop trying to be so clever , especially when you’re talking about something that matters more.

  5. The plow at the first seconds of the video reminded me of the village where I grew, no tractors, just plows like that, but the only difference is that I'm trying to grow grass instead of destroying it.

  6. 45:00 Maryland farmers killed fish and they were willing to stop those practices AFTER they got paid to do so. I am sure other than that they spout nonsense about being fiercly independent, financially conservative (wouldn't cleaning up after yourselves be part of that), anti regulation and against big bad government and handouts.
    It only happened because nother important industry made a stink. Plus I guess they had Democrats in charge which are slighlty better on environmental matters.

  7. Why only the US? why don't you partner with institutes in Europe. If we are going to make this an Environmental effort then we need to do it across the planet. not just the US.

  8. Capitalistic corrupt greedy thoughtlessly profit only groups, DO NOT BELONG in the process FARMING. In ancient times a Farmer was a WARRIOR returned home from War. All they would want 2do is bring forth abundance. A farmer in towns was the bank. Soil is the wealth and prosperity in this nation, a farmer is sensitive enough to it, that he can make it put forth abundant fertility, like a symphony orchestra.

  9. Not being a farmer it's disappointing to see the Biden administration abandoned farmers. To see that the Biden administration doesn't understand that farmers make the food we eat and that's more important than political power.

    On the other hand I'm curious to know why the cover crop can't be silage

    My grandparents were sure croppers in Illinois. One summer I had to detassel corn and still have scars from it

  10. Ohh I so appreciated this , I am green and want to learn more….. live in Olathe , KS gotta visit these places in MO and Nebraska. They mentioned no till but didn’t explain it… gotta do some research

    This most heartbreaking emotion watching this is knowing my family was ran off their land is Mississippi and Louisiana by hate and a government that stood by and did nothing … laws were on the books but they don’t matter if the government is spineless…. how does a government stand by and let this happen is incomprehensible…
    How nice that these guys get to leave land … a business for their children, generational wealth …

    Historically the USDA distorted data to conceal decades of discrimination against Black farmers… don’t take my word research it …all online ..
    black folks never wanted a damn hand out, welfare… that crap didn’t exist we lived off the land and created businesses then came the Klan… now we got a system created by a racist system that so disempowers folks for generations and you’re blamed for your current state bc you didn’t pull yourself up by your booth-straps.. such a bulls—- statement.. it all hurts really bad …

  11. Hi I love this video and would like to contribute subtitles to it. I'm not a native English speaker and I think subtitles would be helpful to many. Can you guys allow community contributions of subtitles on Youtube?

  12. This documentary is awful. People should see past these things very closely and understand we need to preserve soil, but these people want to kick everyone off every land and push them into what we are seeing today, what looks like a world more polluted than ever before yet regulated for "our own good"?

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