LA's Best Sativa – May 2020 – Multi-Strain Marijuana Review – 12 strains

LA’s Best Sativa – Multi-Strain Marijuana Review – 12 strains – May 2020 Strain Review Strains include: 1) Columbian Cookies – by …


  1. I like watching all your reviews. You obviously love vaporizing… But what about the people who dont? It would be super helpful for us to see you or someone else hit a joint or bong. I use a vaporizer and love it but sometimes bud just taste better or is more enjoyable using a different method. Also maybe talk about the smell and if it smokes like it smells? That would also be helpful. I understand that you are going to do what you do but that is my 2 cents. You review the most exotic strains… So thank you for that!!

  2. Another good review doc 💪 i gotta try that mac 1 sound like a heavy hitter! Biscotti one of my favorites definitely top 3. I grabbed some platinum og and some more pink runtz to keep the party goin 👍

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