Kelly Clarkson: Small-Town Starts, F-You Attitudes, & Combating Industry Standards

Kelly Clarkson, Grammy Award-winning singer and Emmy Award-winning talk show host, takes us through her mental and physical health journey after …


  1. Can I just make a list of who I wanna see on your podcast: Christy carlson Romano! Nicole Sullivan, Kyla, Swoosie, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley tisdale, Jane Levy, Laure graham, alexis bledel, Lauren Ash, America Fererra, Tia and Tamera, Tahj, Hilary duff, all of the big bang ppl, Jenna voy oy of course! Joey, and the rest of blossom, Lance Bass, Joey, Chris, possibly Justin, Jessica Beil, Dunno if you can get Ariana Richards(jurassic park), aly and aj, Kellie williams-Fammatters, Alfonso riberio, Jodi Benson, *Disney Princess week*, I know you may never get some of these ppl but it doesnt hurt to ask!!

  2. I love this podcast- Mayim is amazing, all guests have been so awesome to hear from, etc. The sponsor partners aren’t lining up though. There are a lot and they contradict the beliefs shared on the podcast. For example, BetterHelp has a sliding scale but once you go through sign up they explain they are counsellors, not therapists, which makes it difficult to get help under an average employee insurance plan and still out of reach even for a well employed millennial. Plus there was winegate…and I think Mayim is way too cool for Noom or things like fancy water.

  3. This was inspiring, i feel super motivated to seek a doctor, get a tub of B12 and if that doesn't work as per Kelly… F*UCK IT! 😂 Awesome interview! 😁👏🙌👍🥂

  4. This is SOOOO out of my comfort zone and so ridiculously something that one does just not do but…I have been carrying around what I think is an amazing concept for women for quite some time. Something that I think we all need. I have especially have pondered on it more during ALL of the time I have had during these lonely days.
    I would love love to share it with someone as brilliant and self aware as you. Again, I know this is crazy but even a show like this convinces me even more it is needed. 😬😬

  5. This is the best! I judge no one for anything but I don’t wear a lot of makeup and I hate doing my hair. Of course I do take the time to do those things when needed but lord; I’m just happiest with my hair when I come out of the ocean and when I have a little natural glow and a little mascara and lip tint. You both are strong, brilliant, amazing, inspiring women!!!!!!!!!! Repeat that to yourselves on a bad day because we all have them!

  6. it's very late night here so I should have slept an hour ago but i could not stop watching this video, coz it's so interesting to watch you 3 talking about all those things. So i watched it till the end.

  7. It looks like Mayim has meshed her self-criticism with her identity and that she rejects others' attempts to help her see a different angle for that reason. When we adopt a self-image, we set out affirm it through other people. Tragically, it obviously doesn't help her to be told how great she is – instead, it seems to make her feel worse. Maybe that's because if none of these negative thoughts are true, all the suffering that has already been had – would have been for nothing. As phenomenal as therapy is, and as complex as some problems can be – a problem when people stay in it for so long that there's no distinguishable graduation point; sometimes our problems give us some kind of purpose or reward that makes the struggle seem worthwhile. I'm a long-time therapy-seeker as well and I also have an education adjacent to the field, that's how I know. It's painful to watch, really! I would say that I hope Mayim's therapist will be able to support her in climbing out of that mindset, but Mayim would have to genuinely want to. She clearly identifies all the things she loathes about her career/LA environment but she's as adamant about all those standards somehow being valid. In German, there's a saying for a mindset that translates to "it cannot be what must not be"; it's used when sometimes someone will furiously hyperfocus on things outside of their control and get extremely worked up about it, but do nothing to alter the course; it's almost like when a superhero will keep their nemesis alive because it creates an energetic equilibrium of tension, and an immediate feedback loop that ensures there is no pause. For all the space this occupies, there surely is something else that's very effectively being pushed to the side. What would it mean for Mayim if she accepted herself, what would happen if she did, why would that be so bad? These are questions only she can answer to herself and maybe she's not ready for it. I hold out hope and wish her the best.

  8. Oh my goodness! This was super. I remember the episode of what not to wear that you were in and while your friends wanted to lift you up with that experience, I could tell that you remained uncomfortable with it all at the end. I will say though, no one can change that inner voice but you. The rest of us will just keep seeing you as amazing. Cheers Mayim!

  9. I remember watching American Idol & Simon wondering how the hell Kelly had not been discovered yet. And he was getting calls about her. So true!

  10. I could listen to Kelly and Mayim for hours 💛 so therapeutic. Also, Mayim is incredibly cool, for real, I wish she could believe how loved and admired she is.

  11. 31:11 this hit me hard. Kelly is so strong. My fat aunt told me at age 14 that I had a “saggy postpartum belly” in front of relatives during a beach trip, but until this year (through therapy) I was able to begin to love my body. I’m 34 but I lived traumatized for 20 years by a comment made by an irrelevant person whose opinion doesn’t even matter. I’m in a better place now 🤍✨

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