John Mulaney – Back To The Future Is Very Weird

JohnMulaney on getting his email hacked, turning 30, and how thin the plot to Back To The Future was. #JohnMulaneyStand Up from the #JustForLaughs …


  1. Bob Zemeckis revealed that in the original timeline, Doc met Marty when Marty was snooping around the lab gawking at all the fancy science equipment when he was 14, so Doc gave him a job.

  2. -Is it going to be hard for someone to watch this bit and come up with an idea of series of videos that show plot holes in movies?
    -No, super easy, barely an inconvenience!

  3. I always thought that the implication in the first part of BTTF was that Marty works for Doc as like a part time job, earning some extra money on weekends etc by helping him film things or around Doc's home lab generally?

  4. Not long after this bit, Jenny Nicholson does her first pitch meeting video.

    Not long after that, Ryan George of Screen Rant starts the pitch meeting series.


  5. I always figured Doc Brown was just known in town for being a weirdo inventor, and Marty went over to see what he was like for himself (maybe because he's also unfairly judged), and Marty thought Doc Brown was cool, and they became friends.

  6. "I relate to that side character in the corner that just rolls their eyes. like 'Spider-man *eye roll*', y'know" Then proceeds to play the a side character in a spider-man movie years later.

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