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  1. So there's this perspective that "a pesticide is a pesticide", and that "anything is toxic in the right amount", but there is one pesticide to be concerned about: glyphosate (aka roundup). This particular pesticide is worth eliminating from our crop usage, for human and insect health. It's being phased out of the EU, and the organic program is the only program available in America to avoid this particular product, which has been implicated in causing cancer & harming bees. There's not much else to organic label, agreed, but glyphosate is a serious issue.

  2. I purposely avoid organic foods, because the quality is not proven to be any better than conventional, but the price is so much higher. That con outweighs the otherwise equivalent traits.

  3. This reminded me of one of my friends who only buys organic for all the fear mongering reasons. She also recently got an IgG test done for food sensitivities from US Biotek and is now convinced she's allergic to everything, but from what I've seen it's pretty inaccurate and maybe even kinda scam-y. Would love to hear anyone else's opinions on those tests cause they seem sketch but now everyone we know wants to do them too but they're pretty pricey.

  4. Personally I've gotten to the point of just outright being skeptical of anything that is supposed to be good for food where it seems the main goal is boasting that it's something some groups can afford and others can't.

  5. I'm a farmer and we used pedisides… the farm beside us is "organic" our pedisides are sprayed via air … so lol not really organic and we grow cattle corn not sweet corn like them

  6. I don't need to waste 40 minutes to know that this is a shitty take. Sometime the lack of critical thinking or looking at the larger picture on this channel is frustrating, but I move on and continue to not subscribe or engage until the algorithm insists and wears me down enough. Human beings grow your food and don't deserve to be exposed (and their families by extension) to toxic chemicals on top of their exploitation so a bunch of people who don't want to do more research into their food system can pat themselves on the back for being too smart to fall for gimmicky marketing! Bookmark this comment for when the bees die out or people start to care about agricultural workers.

  7. I worked as an intern on an organic research farm (Rodale). I agree with the majority of this video especially the pesticides, we were even permitted to use conventional pesticides if it was in small amounts. I do want to mention that organic is evolving. The latest I heard is that the institute was trying to establish environmental tiers of organic farming with the FDA such as keeping boarder trees to reduce erosion. Might be worth looking into if your interested

  8. In Finland, organic is primarily advertised as "Made in Finland"-option which is the most successful sales angle for it. Buy organic and you know its made by a finnish farmer. Except lately estonian and eastern european products in shops like Lidl have started calling themselves "organic" with a finnish flag icon as well, even when its not organic and not made in Finland.

    If you want genuinely fresh, good quality product and with as little carbon footprint as possible, prefer local options, buy from your local farmers whenever possible.

  9. A non-organic farmer once told me: "The difference between me and my neighbour who is an organic farmer is, I am bringing the fertilizer out during day-time and he does it during night-time."

  10. The only product I buy specifically organic is Triscuits. They actually taste different from non-organic Triscuits. Don't know why. But nothing else is really that important to me. I wash my fruits and vegetables before eating but that is actually more because I'm pretty sure other people have put their grubby hands on my stuff while it was still in the store and people are gross. I have seen people sneeze into their hands (Thank you for at least covering the mouth and nose but elbows people) but then reach out and examine produce without washing or sanitizing their hands.

  11. I work in ag and I can say that organic does not always mean better. One thing that is better about organic is it’s better for the soil. Conventional ag has basically destroyed the soil, but organic farms tend to have better soil structure. Still, there’s no such thing as chemical-free agriculture. There’s ALWAYS something people are doing to keep the crops healthy. I’m looking into integrated pest management now. It’s when a scientist comes to the farm and observes your crops to tell you exactly what you need and how much. It’s basically minimal spray. Tilling is AWFUL for the soil, it will absolutely destroy it. 100% we need to stop tilling

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