How to Use Peat Pellet Kits for Seed Starting Cucumbers, Tomatoes & Peppers: No Grow-Lights Needed!

This is part of my 2020 seed starting series. I show you how to set up and use compressed peat pellet kits to start cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers. I discuss a …


  1. Gary, your video is littered with incorrect information, and although it might help an inexperienced gardener, you need to be careful with presenting incorrect information to your audience.

    The dome is used for keeping the humidity high during seed starting. You don't recommend it with grow lights? So you want a plant with low % Humidity and while it has no root development? It is imperative that you keep the humidity high at this stage, however once the seeds germ you want oxygen in there, so your rubberband trick is really only good early on.
    Boiling water will kill microbe populations, so although it's okay to use on your beginning peat pellets, it would be good to mention that it is not good for an established plant or soil that is being used for transplant later on. This trick can actually harm the soil by removing vital early microbes that will help establish a colony to breakdown your future nutrient feedings.
    Algae does not come from your water lol. It does however thrive in high pH, which is an indicator that your pH levels are very high (from using peat moss, and your water pH). This creates an environment that allows algae, or moss to grow (not your tap water.)
    Peat Pellets and all dirt have nitrogen and other micronutrients located within them. You state they have no nutrient value, which is untrue. Something with no nutrient value would be Coco coir, or perlite as a starting medium.

    First time checking your channel out, and I'm kind of disappointed. You're pushing the whole Horticulture thing and you're not using accurate information.

  2. Hi, thanks for sharing. Do you have to sit the swollen pellets in water constantly, or do you not have to add water till they have poked their first leaves through? Thanks in advance …

  3. These Jiffy seed sets are worthless. The mesh can take a long time to degrade, and harms larger plants like peppers and tomatoes. You rarely if ever should use the plastic covers, they turn your seed trays into a disease factory. Why do you need so many plants at one time for the home gardener? What kind of plants really are good for this? Just save the plastic containers and trays when you buy plants from the nursery, and reuse as much as you can, buy some non condensed potting soil. Not any more work, but you can get better quality plants. Put under the grow lights the same way. None of the plastic you get from the nursery, or buy from Jiffy is actually recycled in reality, it just gets thrown away by the recycling company in the end.

  4. starting seeds outdoors…its last week in April San Diego..50s nights 60s to 70s days…. The advice I got from the garden center was to open the top days, water once a day…then they agreed with me to close the cover nights and cover with a folded over blanket…
    the cover fogs over during the day if I don't take it off!!

  5. Can I leave them outside 24/7 as long as the temps are in the 40โ€™s at night ? Iโ€™ve left them in direct sun and outside at night since Saturday. Only their 3rd night tonight. Iโ€™ll bring them inside if I need to . Thank you for this video! Itโ€™s been hard to find any discussion about using these outside. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  6. Gary, good morning. I've got these large peat pods growing beautifully. Tomatoes/peppers mainly. There are two plants in each pod. One in each corner. I'd like to split these large pods into two plants , and keep each. Are there any special considerations when doing this? I figure I will gently remove the netting and genyly roll the dirt out to separate the root systems. Can you offer advice or maybe do a 2 min video? Thanks brother. Big fan of your channel. Also in Md. Have a great day.

  7. This is my first attempt to seed with pucks. I see here no grow lights needed. I don't have them and don't have a place to put them. Can't this grow in the front window with the dome covering the peat pucks come with?

  8. I have a question to anyone who can answer I bought the jiffy one for my herbs such as chamomile rosemary lemon balm and peppermint. The directions say away from sunlight until germination but here itโ€™s directly under light immediately after putting in your seeds. Iโ€™m so confused which one is correct ? I have them in little light with dome. I just planted about an hour ago and itโ€™s my first time. Thanks !!

  9. How does one water these after the seeds sprout, Iโ€™m having trouble ๐Ÿ˜…. Seems like itโ€™s not as easy as a conventional seed cells Iโ€™ve had luck with in the past

  10. I hope mine take this year every year my garden dies outside. I try too. I d. K. ๐Ÿ’”I had a bumper mater crop then my green thumb went away. I mean I had 700 maters. I shared I was thinking I was pro. Every garden since died. ๐Ÿ’”

  11. I've never started seeds indoors and never used the peat pods, so this video was very informative. Will you tell me how to water these trays please? From the top or in the tray to be absorbed from the bottom up? Also, approximately how wet to keep them and approximately how often will they need water? Thanks again for a very helpful video!

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