How to Stimulate Dragon Fruit Bud Growth With Nutrients Part 2

The Dragon fruits has responded well to the nutrient and now starting to pop out flower buds! Check out this video to see the updates of the result from …


  1. Hey Richard, I enjoy watching your dragon fruit cultivation tutorials and I have a question. So after you used FloraNova Bloom to promote flowering site, you also advise to switch back to FloraNova Grow. How long until you use the grow until adding the bloom again. Thanks in advance

  2. Hi Richard, is it true that there are dragonfruits that can’t germinate at all? I have one kind that I bought from home depot several years ago, and it has blooming flowers every year but never yield any fruit. Are you selling cuttings of your dragonfruits? Thanks

  3. How can you tell what variety you have? I got some from a neighbor that had a bunch sitting out that he got from a friend and he nor I know which variety they are. Do you just have to wait until they bloom?

  4. Your videos are great. Your plants are so healthy. What area do you have your plants in, east, west? Also, how many hours of direct sunlight do they get. Trying to figure out what’s the best place for my plants.

  5. If my plants have one fruit almost ready to harvest and 5 new blooms that opened this week, will it hurt to give them another dose of "Bloom"? I would be hoping to stimulate production of more buds before the summer is over. Thanks. The videos are so helpful!!

  6. Wishing that i could grow my own dragon fruits as soon as i got back in philippines. Love watching your informative videos. Keep on sharing your passion and educating us about dragon fruits ❤️❤️❤️

  7. I really like your setting up neatly, professional the “modern farm” Dragon fruit! It’s very nice to watch your video! I love Dragon fruit, since I was a child I always wish one day I can have one tree for my own . Now at almost 70, living in condo…so the dream cannot be fulfilled, but at least I can see someone like you to do that…for me! 😄🤩👍

  8. Hi Richard I’ve just started growing my first dragon fruit but I don’t know what type it is yet until it gets more mature, how long does it take for it to bear fruit. I live in Sydney , Australia.

  9. Hi Richard! I see you have a case of orange red dots, too. Are they scales? If yes, I can't put a lid on it. How do you treat it? It is everywhere and on everything!

  10. LOOOOOVEEEE WATCHING YOUR VIDS! My bf and I are in the LA area, so not far from you… we're currently growing Hailey's Comet and are trying to root a mystery pink dragon we got cuttings of from a neighbor on a crop share page ♡ Using your knowledge to try for some beautiful fruits and successful grafts… ♡

  11. First of all, sorry about my english. Your videos are so useful ! I would like to ask you how often do you irrigate your plants if you use enough to see the water going out the bottom of the pot because I use similar pots. Thanks so much

  12. Hi. Many thanks for your effort. I want to send you the development of my white dragon from seeds of 3 months old to give me your advise. But I am not able to send it’s picture. Kindly can you send me your email.

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