1. Where did you get your bags of boasting, soil enhancer, worm castings and fertilizer? I am in Palm beach gardens but I got to Miami alot to visit family so if that's where you get it I can pick some up whole I am there. Pricing ?

  2. Sooooo helpful! Thank you Jason! Just built my garden frame today and we used cedar (like you told me before)! Will be ordering some soil and such from you guys shortly!!

  3. The preparation video is great and I have done my share of preparation with my own compost but you didn't address my biggest issue – iguanas. Do you have any solution for these pests? My boxes are surrounded by a 36" wall of steel, so they can't set their nails into it. But that limits quite a bit of sun and prohibits some plants from expanding. Any suggestions?

  4. Can you start planting immediately after applying all of these soil amendments? Or do you need to wait? Also I’d like to request a video covering soil maintenance!

  5. This video was super informative. I have all of the weeds mentioned in the video. Or should I say, “had?” I personally used a tiller for my garden and so far so good, my garden is 25×25 and the soil is all fluffed up. Just waiting a few days to scrape up the few weeds that may spring up. Thank you for making this vid, will definitely be ordering the garden goodies from your store!

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