1. I get mold only deep in the bud . However I suspect that’s because I treat with Nimoy oil and it’s not getting deep in the buds…it is treating the leaves…
    I also suspect that it’s due to cold nighttime temps… Any suggestions how to fight it

  2. If you've got mildew or mold or Bud rot during flower the only way to get rid of it is to throw it away the s*** where people are washing their buds with peroxide and selling them to people is b*****

  3. Neem Oil mixed with liquid soap in water. Also, examine the plants each day from top to bottom and immediately take off any leaves with even a sign of mildew. These plagues seem to always start on weak or dying leaves.

  4. You recommend Brix plus. I went to Amazon to get a 2nd opinion from people who had used it. There were 3 reviews. 1 claimed it caused his cancer. A 2nd said it made him real sick. The 3rd was a smack to the face of and reading of the riot act to the manufacturer and the seller.

    Proper temp and humidity levels, fresh air with plenty of air movement combined with selective defoliation are the best preventative measures you can take.

    Washing weed needs to be done because of sloppy garden practices. Growing in your basement? Don't have a dehumidifier? Don't clean your grow area or pots with bleach between grows? A lot of fan leaves still on late in flower? Afraid to lollipop and do necessary pruning? A little lazy? You're gonna have pm. Up your game if you don't want it. Yeah, you can clean it but it won't be as good. It's best to become a more educated grower.

  5. Almost two years late on my comment but you answered a question I had in my grow room . I currently have 6 granddaddy purples that I have been battling to keep the mold off just a constant every day fight , Ive defoliated , sprayed copper fungicide, peroxide and water and Im half way through the flower cycle. In the same room I have two girl scout cookies grown at the same time as the granddaddy purple in flower right next to the granddaddy purple and they are not covered at all in any type of white powdery mildew. Once I heard you say that some plants can be prone and some plants are immune it all made sense thanks

  6. everyone save minutes of your life ,omg this was painful to even watch 30 seconds let alone minutes,,anyways simply use 3 tsp of bakingsoda in 3 cups of water and 1 tsp veg oil…(oil is to help the bs stick) anyways thats all you need! dont spend money on products,you dont need to these are simply money grabbers that baking soda DOES JUST AS GOOD OR BETTER,,,,,,,been growing for over 25 years, trust the numb nuts this is all you need to do!!!!!if you go buy chemicals etc from the store well then your an idiot,,

  7. Hey bro is there anyway I can contact you? I’ve been trying to find your book for about a month now and I can’t find it anywhere. I’ve been on your website and it just won’t let me order because of my address or something. Please give me a reply back, really love your work. Thanks

  8. All you need to do is mix a little bit of hydrogen peroxide and some water and rinse your plants out. Filtered water… Let it dry… just make sure there's no hydrogen peroxide water left in the plants… so make sure you rinse it really well. Works great and its safe

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