How to make a CBD tincture (simple recipe)

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  1. Great video. Can you make a cbd tincture from using cannabis vs hemp flower?? I’m looking to make a tincture but only have cannabis on me. Not looking to get the high

  2. This is great content- I appreciate you! My wife and I will be looking to order from you so that we may produce our own tinctures! I would assume the alcohol will cook out and this can be taken without getting toasted? Or is that an incorrect assumption? I ask because we don’t drink alcohol for medical reasons and if there is an alternate to alcohol for this specific recipe, I’m definitely interested! The more potent the better- as always. Cheers 😁

  3. Hey, I know this is an old video, but I am new to cbd products, which would you suggest I make, a cbd oil or tincture is there any major differences between the two as in potency etc… and I assume both are safe to be consumed? Thanks again for the content very informative ✌️

  4. Hi – I made this with my MBM then cooked out the alcohol. But I don't know how to compute over the mg. I usually buy my own FECO in a dropper but thought I would give it a go making my own but use a strong base to make it. So, here's the question, can i add the tar-like FECO to a MCT oil now?

  5. Wow that’s 25,404 milligrams of CBD ….do you make edibles with this? I go through the same process but only 1.5 oz at a time with my MBM, then I run it through my Source Turbo and reclaim all 90% of my Everclear back. Works well been doing this 3 years now gummies have changed lives! Great video by the way!

  6. help…..i follow your info and all the alcohol cooked off and all i have is a thick green slug and theres not liquid to strain off… now what can i do?

  7. The “trim” you refer to how is that different than your flower? Like if I go to a shop and get flower how do I get cbdA? Also I usually get two things of cbd one is impairing like it’ll get me high the other isnt how is that done? I guess low thc high cbd.

  8. Hey bro I usually do this with THc strain but I burn off all the alcohol which leaves me a thick tar extract. Have you done this method with the cbd flower

  9. Question: When you buy tinctures there is no alcohol flavor. What method do the retail products use? Also, Is there a formula for figuring out the strength per ml if you know the CBD strength? Say I'm using an ounce of 18% CBD flower, and I use 1cup of everclear 190 proof. If I do all of this correctly, what is the end result in mg/mL? Just trying to figure out dosage and whether or not I should just vape the flower directly. If it's wasteful I don't want to do it.

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