How To Grow Okra In Containers – Growing Okra in Pots or Containers

In today’s episode we show you how to grow an okra variety called Nombo Giant okra in containers. This okra variety produces giant sized pods and can be …


  1. Hello sir, I have planted okra in pots seeing you video I have actually planted 2 of them in 8 inches pots and 2 in 6 inches one it has been more than 2 months but there is no visible growth sir I have seen only new leaves being produced and also early blossoms which I plucked out, How do I help them grow tall sir? Should I transplant them into a bigger pot? Please help.

  2. Do you mix all these to make your soil? Or just use the ready made potting mix or potting soil?
    You have mentioned 3 fertilizers. Do I need to give all 3 or any 1 out of 3?

  3. How about in winters? What should be the care plan for winters? Should they be brought inside? I’m in houston. Also if planting in grow bags how many in a 5-7gal grow bags? Thank you.

  4. Congrats for a successful okra gardening…ive had sad experience w/my okras already over 75days grown robust to over 3feet but no flowers yet, the seeds just from a relative plants, wondering how long do i have to wait?

  5. I planted my small ocra plant from one area to another and the branch though green has no leaves. Will the leaves come back, probably the root got little damaged is what I think

  6. 1st time okra grower! Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY…What do I know about growing okra!! I found out real quickly. I love the plant and its flowers and I had plenty of both in my container. Then almost overnight I discovered about 25-50 very very large okra!!! Several video people showed regular size okra, but you have my size okra. However, I think mine are even longer! The color is not as dark green as your. When should I pick? Can I eat them? Help needed by the New York kid!!!

  7. I use 27 gallon tubs that were once filled with protein molasses lick. First year gardening and I love these. Look on Marketplace for these. I paid 6-8 dollars per tub. If you wanna try these, I learned on a channel called Gardening With Leon. Thank you for making this video. So informative.

  8. Do you have a timeline or time lapse of Okra growth ? I am growing Okra in an apartment with grow lights, in a colder region with less sunlight. The saplings are only 6 inches or so after one month. So, it looks like they are not growing well. How big were yours after one month ?

  9. I have no luck in growing Okra. I planted from seeds from Home Depot and transferred them to pots when it was about 3 inches and 3 leaves sprouting. The plants re growing slow. there is enough sunshine.

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