How I Healed My Vulvodynia Naturally

I made this video to share how I healed (three!) horrible, awful, no good, very bad years with vulvodynia. Vulvodynia affects an estimated 20 million women in the …


  1. I've had this for 17 years, maybe more but I was under 10 years old so I can't say I ever lived without it. I think your video contains things that I really thought I needed to try now. Not sure I can find a massage practitioner for that, but I agree that I need to do the rest!

  2. I suffer with this.. I been to multiple doctors they have given me antibiotics, creams etc.. nothing seemed to help.. it burns so badly and my vagina became raw.. I’m so happy I came across this page..

  3. THANK YOU for making this video!!!!!
    What helped me:
    •Having hard discussions – had very intense, tear filled talks with my parents that helped me work through deep stuff.
    •Opening up about it – especially with my partner (less secrecy and shame).
    •Asked my partner to do a pelvic floor massage for me – I cried the entire time. But this was the real game changer.
    • No caffeine – STRESS was a huge trigger for me. I also benefited from taking a break from performing because the adrenalin would mess with my cortisol levels
    •Hormone balance cream helped a lot too

  4. I’ve had it my whole life and today the pain was so bad I went to the hospital. They shoved a speculum in me against my will as I screamed “please stop”. They kept saying the vaginismus is just in my head. “Mind over matter.”

  5. Thanks for the video! I actually lost my job recently because of this intense pain everyday at work. It derailed me into depression because of lack of financial stability for my family along with so many deeper issues. Ladies my advice is to get in touch with your true self to stop over active nerves and muscle pain. It will save your life

  6. Guys. cleanse your bacterial vaginosis issue naturally does not need to be hard (I used to think it did). I will give you some tips right now. Get a bacterial vaginosis secret remedy called Womezon Remedy (search on google). Thanks to it I've cleanse my bacterial vaginosis issue inherently . I shouldn't even be talking about it cause I do not really want a bunch of other guys out there running exactly the same game but whatever. I am just simply in a excellent mood today so I'll share the wealth lol.

  7. Ladies try Primrose oil!
    Use capsules it last longer.
    Massage it in.
    It did wonders for me after years of pain. And use it as a lubricant aswell!

  8. I have vulvodynia and vaginismus too. I use the numbing cream and it's not really numbing as you would think, but it helps alot. Also been regularly seeing a physiotherapist to help relax the muscles with breathing (as you discussed) and also vaginal dilators. Loved your video. Just wanted to let people know not to be afraid of the cream 😊

  9. I had (self-diagnosed) dyspareunia, which is similar. Allopathic OBGYNs were worthless. None I saw had any clue whatsoever and just made me feel like a freak. Thank god for the empowered and educated women at the local woman-owned sex shop and their dilators and lube.

  10. I have vulvodynia and I'm relaxed enough to have sex with a penis or toys after 4years.
    But fingers and obgyn need to stay far away.

    Only the touch of a speculum not inserted or pap test makes me cry in pain

  11. There’s a definite link between vulvadynia and sexual trauma. Thank you for this video, it’s very difficult to find information about this (bc science doesn’t give af about women) so this is great! I’m going to try all of this bc it’s taking over my life
    Thank you so much

  12. Another great video, I would be greatful if u share your opinion about vaginitis? I think I can totally create this for myself if I am not in balanca in any way of my life. Often I realize when I'm under stress I have a physical pain or cramps.. We hold a lot of fear and anxiety in the lower chakras which affect our sex organs, too.

  13. For me the pain comes from being in a relationship that wasn't good for me. I also had it for 3 years. Saw a gynecologist. I didn't feel that he could help. I went to a physiotherapist and she gave an advise to buy a vibrator shaped in a special way, not like a penis, with different vibration programs. The purpose of it is to massage my pelvic muscles. I left my ex over a year ago. The severe pain was gone like almost instantly, the burn that you talk about.
    The pain comes and goes, but not as it use to be. It depends on what am I thinking of. A particular person that I'm dating, or my past. I have learned to listen to my body. And ask myself why am I stressed? Why am I tens in my pelvic muscles? The most beautiful thing is I was dating this wonderful guy, and I told him about my problem and I said to him that I need to feel safe to be able to have sex. He was soo good to me. Very honest with me. He made me feel loved and safe. And in January 2019 was the first time I had sex (with this wonderful guy) where I didn't had any pain! I was almost about to cry.

  14. I have stage 4 endometriosis and had my first operation at 16, 10 years later I am experiencing the sexual block and miss-connection I have with my vagina and womanhood. This has inspired me to follow a well structured but holistic practice to help release the pain and trauma. I am actively working on embracing my sexual relationship and your channel has been giving me wonderful guidance and balance regarding this, and for that I thank you

  15. After 2.5 years of dealing with this and thousands of dollars spent on doctors that didn't help, I'm finally going to take the energetic, spiritual route to heal myself. I just ordered a jade egg and I can't wait to see if i can release the tension and emotions that are causing this pain and get my healthy, happy yoni back! Thank you so much for your incredible content, Layla ❤

  16. Please help… My beautiful wife (we've been married for 23 years) and I have struggled with this since the birth of our last child 9 years ago, we haven't been able to come together without a sensation of EXTREME pain and discomfort from the entrance of her Vagina her description is a pain like a knife tearing at her… I'm such a patient lover and practice a lot of foreplay, we have tried many different lubrications, constant message for relaxing, oral pleasure to her to get her relaxed, massaging her genitalia, breast stimulation, kissing every inch of her body, etc… but upon entering, "or trying to" enter to her opening, she bleeds near where she tore during giving childbirth, she also experiences swelling and it is EXTREMELY painful to her and were to the point where she says she wants time for it to heal, but it been such a Very long journey and no relief. it seems the longer we try not to have intercourse, the more she has become unable to perform and it has gotton worse, not better! I love her and it kills me that sex has become something that she regrets because of the pain. what can I do to help? she refuses to allow a professional to diagnose whats shes going thru, obviously afraid. I told her that I will be with her, every step of the way. Signed a vrery concerned Husband

  17. I have vulvadynia on the end of the vagina. When I touch that part my whole vagina and body says noo don't touch it. Should I massage that part anyway?

  18. something that people might not know is that children getting slapped in the face, is perceived by the mind the same way that sexual abuse is it's up where you are it's your place where you look out of and talk out of. Not that children should not feel connected to their body but getting slapped in the face is where they perceive they are at that time. I'm not expressing this while I learned it in school when I was in Psychology which I have so much child psychology but it was 40 years ago! but so many children that I would come in contact with that you were just sure they were being sexually abused we're just constantly being slapped in the face. this was one of the things I was taught back then. I can't imagine having your pants fall down and somebody beating on your ass is any less invasive. just something that popped into my head while we were talking💜🐸

  19. Vitanica yeast arrest vaginal supposititious help , also there is a women, a midwife who makes vaginal suppository oils, I forget her name, I will link down below, her oils are called"knowing", etc, I discovered her when I was pregnant with this issue. Vulvodynia is a bacterial biofilm issue. Many bacteria's are resistant to ABX, resulting in chronic illness. Boric acid doesn't help, pelvic floor therapy helped me also. A good women's probiotic is also in order..this illness ruined many relationships and a marriage. Sex is important. I'm also a survivor of sexual abuse. Also vaginal steaming with herbs helped me and many other women, goddess vaginal detox pearls, etc, yin wash, Chinese herbs, etc, etc. Good luck, some women end up having to have surgery from this issue..and again, the shonda Parker oils were essential to my healing, I have copied the link address in another comment.

  20. I kind of wonder if this what I have lately I’ve been feeling a poking feeling and one day my vagina was throbbing I wanted to 😢 cry. Not sure what I have but a been about 2 weeks but it’s off and on so I need to see my doctor again

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