1. Out of curiosity how the hell can you tell your shock is too hot? Do you reach down and touch it? Can you smell it? This is honest to god question by the way.

  2. Hey Jeff, I know this is an old video but I wondered what your thoughts are for running a DPX2 on the Ripley V4, instead of the DPS that it comes with as stock?

  3. On my DPS in the open position, whenever descending down pretty rocky bumpy stuff or landing a jump the lever will flick itself into the middle position (semi-open) is this something that usually happens with the DPS or is mine just faulty??

  4. Se puede instalar en cualquier posición el shock? Tengo una bici Orbea RALLON con este tipo de shock y pretendo invertir la posición para poder alojar una ánfora más grande. Es correcto invertir la posición sin que con ello pueda funcionar mal el shock?

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