Hot Dog Happy Hour with Plant Based Louise

Louise is a salt, oil, and sugar-free vegan and plant-based nutrition educator from Brooklyn, NY. A lifelong animal lover and vegetarian for 50+ years, Louise was …


  1. you look beautiful Chef AJ love your hat of course you always look beautiful . ive been wanting to try carrot dogs thank you for showing us how to make it with different ways Louise.

  2. Wow, that Mandala that Elizabeth Mansur made was just gorgeous 🙂 and Lousie's shirt was great :3
    Such a fantastic story 🙂 and I love that she adopted too <3
    (funny thing is, neither of your pronunciations of 'tamari' is technically 'correct' japanese pronunciation 😛 now, I don't think it matters since you're not speaking japanese and it's fully understandable 😉 like, when words are borrowed, I think it's perfectly reasonable to change the pronunciation and then none is wrong 🙂 but technically all syllables are short in japanese (unless indicated) ^^)
    I actually have never tried carrot dogs either, but it'd be fun sometime 🙂 they looked so great, and fun 😀
    Thank you both so much <3

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