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Fibromyalgia is the topic of today’s show and this week’s Dr. GreenKnight Blog: Fibromyalgia symptoms, diagnosis, …


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  2. My dr recently diagnosed me with likely having fibromyalgia, I know people who’ve had it and didn’t think it was the same thing, but after being checked for just about anything they could think of and finally even an mri to rule out MS, a plethora of different medication/combos it feels like it’s just settled as fibromyalgia. I still don’t know if it is or not, as I don’t think I have two of the main symptoms. Being tender spots or sensitively to pain. In fact having lived with this much pain for so long I’d almost say I’ve become less sensitive to the point where things that would be considered painful like burns cuts and sprains hardly phase me at all. Idk what to do anymore.

  3. I am 47.. female..and have Fibro.
    I suffer every freaking damn day.
    I have to rev up every morning before I can even begin to get ready for work.. I have pain everywhere.. even in my scalp. It hurts to comb my hair… Water hurts when it hits my body in the shower. My knees kill me… My hips kill me… My writs kill me… Sleep is a joke… I haven't slept for more than 4 hours at a time. I can't lay in one place for that long… So I wake up… Talk myself out of jumping off the roof… Then try to fall back asleep… All while having to work a 50 hour a week job with no insurance. I don't do anything with friends…I keep to myself. It's a lonely life.

  4. If i could pass on a message to all doctors i would say be more concerned with the patients quality of life and functional ability than with the possibility of them getting addicted. My opinion formed from 25 years of chronic pain is this: Which would you prefer: that i am alive with an addiction to a medication that i will take the rest of my life or that i am continually suffering from pain, etc and eventually take my own life (not saying i am in danger at the moment) because i am useless and unable to do anything worthwhile or fun? I am also diagnosed with bipolar spectrum disorder so pain and stress lead to depression, which then causes more issues and this tends to cycle. The cycle can only be stopped if i get adequate pain relief along with the bipolar treatment. The worst time for me is when im unable to do anything physical but my mind is clear and focused.

  5. I'm 20 years old & my left shoulder hurts when I do a pushup or bench press. I feel the pain in my top shoulder & front deltoid. I don't know if it's a shoulder impingement or sprain or strain or tear. What do you think it is doctor or should I go to the hospital?

  6. Head and shoulders knees and toes, knees and toes? Knees and toes 🎶🎵and everything in between. And my chiro hits the low back tender points EVERY time. Have had since 1990, grateful for a quick referral for great rheumatologists! My PCP takes care of me now, and going to college at this time. Never thought I could do it due to fibrofog, but maintaining 4.0. Foods—get rid of all artificial sweeteners, but especially aspartame! I think there was such an increase during that times was the introduction of that artificial sweetener!

  7. Nice to see doctors admitting this is a real condition and not just in the patient's head. My daughter is only 27 and she's been dealing with it for at least six or seven years probably longer. Can't believe one doctor tried to get her off all medication, she also has tourette's.

  8. I have fibromyalgia. I hurt a lot. Taking Gabapentin since diagnosed with nocturnal myoclonus/RLS and sleep apnea, so was already taking it. Also take Tizanidine for the fibro, and on morphine for end stage osteoarthritis in both knees. Weather fronts passing through are hell, and summer storms exacerbate it. Can changes in barometric pressure affect fibro, or just affect pain in general?

  9. Going back through my medical history, we discovered I've had fibromyalgia from around age 9 (currently 30).
    It's been a long road and still a very long road to get out of bed to participate more with my kids. The pain is so uncontrollable and unpredictable. Here in Australia medication is affordable but some are not approved for fibro or pain treatment. Cymblta, lyrica and steroids unfortunately don't help me and make it worse. So it's tramadol, paracetamol and ibprophen.. I exercise, do alternative therapies like acupuncture massage osteopathy ect…. I just want relief.

  10. Hello, it's been a while. I had asked a long time ago about atrial fibrillation because my mother had the condition. My mother passed away July 5th. Her atrial fibrillation was listed as her main cause of death.

  11. I have suffered all the fibro symptoms for four years… doctors just shrug and say they don't know what is wrong. Seems that doctors in uk just are'nt interested at all in fibromyalgia. They have never actually examined me for pain sites.

  12. Cymbalta can help but if you ever wein off of it is a horrible experience. If it helps that's great but it did nothing for me. I was on it 3 years and the withdrawal symptoms lasted for weeks.

  13. A most enlightening video. My husband was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 6mths ago. It took 10years to get this diagnosis. Here in the UK he wasn't taken seriously. He manages day to day with Tramadol for pain relief, which isn't always effective.
    I found your discussion very interesting, so thankyou for posting.
    Greetings from the UK 🇬🇧

  14. Wish I could seen this when it was live. I also have Fibromyalgia. It freaking sucks especially when I just had an RFA on the right side of my back left side will be done on Wednesday.

  15. I have had Fibromyalgia since 1988. I was in a bad car accident (rear ended by a Loomis armored truck). I have been thru hell. I have tried exercise, acupuncture, massage. Swimming helps a bit. I have been on all the medications you have mentioned. I take Lyrica. It might help a little. The only thing that has helped with my quality of life is morphine. I no longer take it because of the current opioid crisis. So most often I am in severe pain with nothing to help. I am extremely frustrated, but life goes on. One thing you didn't cover was how people may get fibromyalgia. It is usually stress to the body like a car accident, pregnancy, divorice or stress. Thanks for opening up the conversation. Most people don't know what it is.

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