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We put Colorado’s Extract Labs to the test and tried their Strawnana CBD Crumble. Full-spectrum hemp meets a fruity burst of terpene-rich flavor with each tasty …


  1. Organ transplant patients, please be careful when using CBD. Talk to your doctor first. CBD causes dangerous to life threatening Tacrolimus toxicity. It can be toxic enough to lose kidney transplant. If you lose a transplant because of CBD use, you will *never* be approved for a second kidney. Be very careful.

  2. I’ve tried several “strains” of Extract Labs CBD CO2 oil and I have mixed feelings.

    The main thing that bothers me is the smell/taste. They don’t smell bad per se. The problem is just that CO2 extractions (which are done to extract the wax/oil of cannabinoids like CBD) don’t do a good job extracting terpenes/terpenoids, which would leave you with a pretty weak smelling/tasting product. To compensate for this, Extract Labs infuses the wax with terpenes. Now, I’m not sure whether the terpenes were also extracted from cannabis or if they were synthetic or extracted from other plants. However, they basically take an estimate of the terpenes profile of the cannabis strain in question, and they try to recreate that terpene profile by adding those terps to the CO2 oil/wax.

    Like I said, the scents aren’t unpleasant, and they taste reasonably good to vape (I haven’t dabbed them)… But they do not really taste like cannabis, let alone the exact strains they are sold as. It reminds me of how you can buy cannabis scented incense, which is just an artificial imitation of what cannabis is supposed to taste like, except that in that case they don’t specify a strain, so you could be like “Well, maybe there are some strains that smell like this incense…” The first of their strains I tried was Blue Dream, one of my old favorite strains, and it just was not comparable to the real thing at all. It didn’t have the hazy or subtly piney undertones I associate with BD. It didn’t even have the rich, authentic blueberry smell tbh. It was almost like the scent of a blueberry soap or air freshener. Very artificial smelling, probably because the process of selecting and infusing the terpenes themselves is not unlike the process of selecting and infusing scents when making perfume, incense, soap, or any other scented product. I couldn’t tell you exactly what is missing or wrong— you can look on their site and they do use a pretty good spectrum of terpenes, and they do proportion them in a pretty complex ratio, as you’d expect in the plant… But if you’re used to BHO, rosin, and other extracts which beautifully capture the essence of the strain they’re made from, you should just know going in, that is not what this stuff is like. I’ve never used flavored e-juice/vape liquid (and with the outbreak of illnesses related to them I never plan to), but I imagine that it’s closer to one of those, which might be labeled “jungle juice” or something than it is to cannabis extracts which naturally include the full spectrum of alkaloids from the extracted buds, and therefore the authentic scent and flavor.

    The best thing about this stuff is the price. Besides pure CBD isolates you can find online (which don’t have any terpenes to speak of), this is one of the better deals you’ll find simply in terms of price per mg of CBD. It’s $50 for 750-800mg of CBD, sometimes with 100mg CBG thrown in (comes out to about a gram of material, around 75-80% CBD content), but I’ve seen it for $40 elsewhere. That’s way cheaper than most CBD oil, CBD edibles, and so on. And don’t hold me accountable if you waste any trying— this is my own speculative theory— but in all the lab tests, it says that their waxes are high in CBD itself, rather than CBD-A, which should mean its orally active. I’ll get into why that’s significant below. Again, not sure, but since it’s cheaper than other oral products, might be useful to mention. If you need high doses, it’s also not super healthy to be consuming a bunch of coconut oil every day (high cholesterol), and coconut oil is often the oil that CBD is dissolved in for oils, so if I’m correct and this wax would be bioavailable orally, it might be a bit healthier in the long term (but if it’s only CBD you need nothing is going to beat the price or simplicity of CBD isolates, which can be very cheap).

    The other downside to all smoked/vaped CBD products I’ve seen is that, if you are someone who needs high doses of CBD for your purposes, you’d have to smoke/vape a LOT of material to get your dose. For generalized anxiety I find it useful— it’s actually good that it doesn’t smell/taste like cannabis in that you can use it on the go and people won’t look at you as strangely as long as you respect people’s space, as you should. But it’s useful because, in that context, I find lower doses of 5, 10, 15mg noticeably helpful, if subtle (25-50mg is probably ideal for me, but you can’t easily get that smoking/vaping). But I’ve been trying out CBD for insomnia, and in the cases of sleep and more acute anxiety, I’ve read suggestions that it becomes more sedating and useful for those purposes at very high doses (studies have seen different positive results from anywhere from 100mg to 300mg). Now, on the plus side, if this product is indeed orally active, it would be a lot more affordable to take 100mg doses with it than with CBD oils which might be $40-50 for 200-300mg. But if you ever need to take 50, 100, 200mg, you will NEVER be able to do that by smoking/vaping, whether it’s with extracts or with the most potent CBD flowers I’ve seen (~19-20% CBD). It would be ludicrous to try. However, many people are sensitive and only need 5-15mg doses. If that’s you, smoking/vaping it can be perfectly effective. Pros and cons— it doesn’t last as long, so it can be inconvenient to feel you need to keep redosing to sustain the effects, but it does come on pretty immediately, so if you need rapid relief it can be ideal.

    The one other thing worth mentioning is something that I’m not sure how to explain exactly… I have tried these CO2 waxes, I’ve tried CBD oil (sublingually and orally), and I’ve tried THC-free CBD flowers (I’ve smoked them and I’ve decarboxylated them in the oven and eaten them). I’ve has some effects with every method (aside from the first time I tried CBD oil, which I think was just a bad brand), but there is something very striking that I noticed. There is a very clear effect that I got when smoking the flower that I haven’t gotten from any other product, and I’m not sure exactly why. Especially the first few times (before I think I developed some tolerance), it gave me a very pleasant feeling of comfort, relaxation, and mood-lift/anxiolysis. Obviously not an acute high like THC causes (which can give me anxiety and discomfort at times)… But enough that it was extremely satisfying to just wrap up in a blanket and listen to some music in headphones in the dark before bed, with a big smile on my face. It’s a feeling that is familiar to me from regular cannabis, but which is usually overshadowed by the heart-racing THC effects. I don’t think it was caused by the CBD, because I don’t get it even from much higher doses of CBD (I was smoking so it couldn’t have been more than a few milligrams)… The most plentiful terpene in the strain (Lifter from Oregon CBD) was myrcene, which is known for causing couch-lock and anxiety relief, but it’s the most plentiful terpene in numerous of these CO2 waxes that I’ve tried, and I haven’t gotten that feeling from vaping these extracts… So I’m really not sure. Maybe entourage effect with other terpenes that are in the strain and not in the wax? Maybe something besides terpenes and cannabinoids? It doesn’t test high in any secondary/tertiary cannabinoids… So I really am at a loss to explain it. I haven’t tried any other strains yet, so I will have to see whether it’s shared by CBD cannabis of other varieties or whether it is something more particular to Lifter (which I do recommend for the effects if you can deal with a pretty bleh tasting smoke).

    During the day I have only been occasionally taking a few pills of the wax, and it has reduced my anxiety noticeably. However, in the evenings my favorite approach has been to consume a dose orally so that I can get the higher dose of CBD that smoking/vaping can’t provide, but then to vape or smoke a bit here and there for the terpenes that are lacking in some of the cheaper oral products. I still haven’t found the dose that will work for me as far as sleep is concerned, but that’s my assessment of this product… Haven’t tried Strawnana specifically, but tbh aside from the taste and smell the difference between their “strains” has been pretty subtle. I do think maybe Granddaddy Purp was better for anxiety than the others (Blue Dream, Tangie, and OG Kush so far), but it could easily be placebo, because I know a good bit about terpenes and cannabinoids and would expect that from the high linalool content. If I had to pick, I’d say Tangie had the most mood lift, but again it’s hard to say if I just liked the taste/smell so I found it more pleasant. I’m not sure what to think about the strength of the psychological effects of terpenes… In these CBD products they seem very subtle— almost imperceptible to me. But they are supposed to play a HUGE role in determining the effects of THC-containing cannabis strains, and I do notice an extreme difference between more sedating and more energetic ones, which I don’t believe is all because of cannabinoids ratios… So maybe terpenes have a much stronger effect in modulating the effects of THC than they have on their own. But once again, that’s just my speculation! Hope this helps someone!

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