Does Humic Acid Really work for Lawns? | 2 Year Humic Acid Results

Does Humic Acid Really work for Lawns? | 2 Year Results After two years of using humic acid products what do you think the results are? Does humic acid work …


  1. First, how much humic acid did you use? Did you apply it every 2 weeks or every month? Also, did you use liquid aeration? If so, then how much. We don't know what you placed in your lawn.

  2. Interesting, I have been using as well in my sandy lawn. Devils advocate here- how much of that change is from the natural process that happens in the root zone of any healthy lawn? Would be interested to see a long term control group a few feet away from the test area. This coming from a guy who has nothing more than a youtube certificate in lawn care đŸ™‚ Maybe I'll try that test out for my own curiousity

  3. Does this raise the acidity PH in your soil? I am currently between a 5.0 to 5.75. I am starting a lime treatment. Actually a calcium quick lime. Live in upstate NY.

  4. Hey Jeremy… when is the best time to apply humic acid. After it rains? When it’s dry? In the evening when it’s not so hot?? Or does it not matter.

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