Deep Water Culture Seed to Harvest Timelapse Grow

NOTE: The following documentary depicts legal cannabis horticulture within the state of California under the Adult Use of Marijuana Act. This video is for …


  1. He goes wrong at 10:51. Don't trim those leaves!! You need them for the cure. when you hang upside down, the plant is going to continue to draw nutrients from the small leaves around the bud into the buds themselves for thicker, more resiny buds. Once those small leaves completely dry around the bud, its also easier to trim them off. You can then use them for cooking and/or hash, oil, shatter, etc. ~professional grower, over 20 years experience

  2. Newbie to DWC….my question is can you produce just as many buds growing in water vs dirt? Looks like you would have a heck of a time supporting a big bushy plant full of buds without a trellis

  3. What strain was this? looks nice and compact. I’m having some grow space issues really if all else fails I’ll just put a 2x2x4 ten in the middle of my room haha.

  4. So is that a Blueberry Auto? because for someone with all the right tools and someone apparently doing all the right things, That plant Is Surprisingly small. like I accidently grew a Plant in an old shoe that got twice as big as yours. Just saying.

  5. What's amazing is that no one knows anything about hydro and is praising what a crappy job you did. First, Change you water every two weeks! Second, don't clip premature buds. They were mostly white hairs! Third, you don't cure in a freaking ziplock! OMG. This video was awful.

  6. So, I'm not a doctor or anything. But, you can use the root for teas and lotions. It has anti-inflammatory properties. IDK about the nutrients though, might want to flush if you want them.

  7. Dude! Your videos are the best, I’ve learned a lot from you and you’d be impressed with what I’ve incorporated from watching …. take care and thanks bro !

  8. How long does this take for recovery each time you top?/ just started my hydroponics first time been growing for three years

  9. Bigger airstone, maybe fogger. The upper air root zones take in smaller droplets and different nute levels and types from the mist of popping bubbles. Filling the bucket above the "Hairy" roots could drown it partially. I maintain a slightly lower amount of water each week to allow for hairy roots that develop between the high and low states of water.

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