Cryptocurrencies: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Digital currencies are generating a lot of excitement. John Oliver enlists Keegan-Michael Key to get potential investors equally excited about the concept of …


  1. Bitcoin is more valuable than printed money, because money can be printed unlimited times, whereas bitcoin; there are limited amounts of bitcoin, even if its in millions. It's limited, like time; like gold; like silver; where as money; is just a slave to such things

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  4. It’s funny cuz I invested in eos n I’ve made a real nice profit lol. But to be perfectly honest, over the last 14 days my portfolio has taken roughly a 31.8 percent hit. I know it’s not much for so many people but that represents about $5k to me. I’m trying so hard to not panic sell but I’m getting really concerned.

  5. In a few months or no time people we definitely be kicking themselves regret for missing the opportunity to buy bitcoin or invest in any cryptocurrency they known such as BITCOIN LITECOIN ETHEREUM TETHER DOGECOIN CARDONA XRP BINANCE COINS

  6. Swamp Log guy seems pretty cool
    I mean dudes a millionaire and look where he chooses to be interviewed. Coulda been out his car window with expensive shades on.

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