Conor McGregor, Jon Jones & Other MMA Stars Stand Against Dana White And The UFC | MORNING KOMBAT

Luke and Brian debate about Conor McGregor retiring and discuss the feud between UFC stars and Dana White. Get MORNING KOMBAT merchandise now: …


  1. UFC all the fighters you analysts always talk about boxing is more dangerous, and football is more dangerous than the UFC. Long term effects are worst in boxing etc. they work 15 max 25 min a few times a year. Fuck is everyone complaining about, there not fighting 12 rounds, there not playing 16 times like the NFL. NFL has been around a long time when they started packing stadiums making more money they got paid more. UFC is on the way but all these complaining fighters don’t bring in enuff, some not even exciting. Nobody spoke about Jorge Masvisdal I’ve been a fan forever of, but he wasn’t exciting. He gets a big pay day from Diaz, now he’s crying about helping another fighter get paid more. This shit is stupid, it’s insulting to anyone who works hard, Max a fighter fights is 4 times a year. While these people complain Gilbert and whatever fighter is happy to have any money during this time will erase these complainers name.

  2. Luke’s a punk the only guy who sides with fighters cuz he’s a pussy, dudes been acting like a bitch since Jon jones punked him at that press conference.

  3. 🖕 DANA 🖕 Bottom line will pivot every question and be the VICTIM of it financially BS how when you only pay tops 18% If we meet again personally I will great you with 🖕 🖕 don't take it personally just business right. Fighters get 0 from ESPN deal also SMH.

  4. To simplify the situation, the ufc ongoings is simply a mirror image of uncle Dana's ego, is is still stuck with the mindset of ITS A PRIVILEGE TO FIGHT FOR HIM (ufc) once the money favours fighters it becomes their sport, not his anymore…..

  5. The general public knows little about actual ufc fighter pay. It seems the bottom tier guys in ufc are paid much better than the bottom end in boxing, Hands down. Also, I hand it to Dana for making the ufc what it is rather than a glorified cafe fight at a local dive bar. The nfl grew for decades making money hand over fist and they are now so wealthy and established. Also the number of live fans, games, merchandise. The ufc may not be able to survive and pay 50%. Like or hate the Reebok deal, but ufc just got first equipment deal. Not many years ago the ufc was near bankrupt. Maybe more money needs shared for fighter camps etc. but ultimately the fighters will loose control and power with a union. They take power from Dana and themselves and give it to a union that will take a huge chunk of whatever points ufc gives up. Match making in this sport is important, compared to the bracketed playoff setup of other sports. I’d love to see official standings from ufc, make brackets from records and ratings. It would be clear and consistent. However it may far harder for a new guy to rise up quickly the big stars did.

    I like Jorge but he’s kinda a grizzled vet and is finally able to make some real money and wants it. I don’t think he’s the team player that give up one dollar for everyone else. He wants a group approach to better fighter pay until the moment he gets what he wants. Things will change, they should. But ufc should get some time to develop while making big league pro money. A league can take smaller and smaller portions of the pit when the pot is as large as the nfl. If you’re in a sport only performing 1-3 times per year I’m not sure the points are there. But of course I may be wrong and have no idea what I’m talking about.


  7. I honestly think they need to cut the roster by 75%. Ask the fighters to fight more frequently. Pay them 50% more. That would solve everyone's problems. And as fans nobody wants to see unknown fighters on every single fight card. The casuals would follow the sport way more if there were far less fighters.

  8. this is pretty dumb, Sean Omalley is now happy, Conor wasn't a money issue it was a not getting the fight he wanted (Justin) issue. Only 2 ppl whining are managed by the same team who are at the tail end of their careers and are gambling on their leverage and position. Just not gonna work they will just get sat out and the division will move on it's hilarious Luke nor this guy were even able to accept that reality and are talking like all these names are only about money.

  9. Dana can't exactly reply "we cant pay you what you deserve because the people who bought into the company expect a lot back." – These guys have more chance knocking on Conan O'Brians door than from Uncle Dana or the execs.

  10. do they pay one headline fighter 18% or all fighters on the card a total of 18%? because if they pay the A side of a main event that much for all the revenues he is generating (ppv buys, live gate, merchandisng sales the day of the event, tv deals, sponsorships for the event) thats not bad

  11. Why should the fighter's make more? LOL Maybe because their the entertainment… think? Nate Diaz started it, big ups to him.

  12. You think that the public is stupid when it comes to fighters pay you say the UFC can't afford it you're out of your f**** mind 😏 we can do math. Its fuckn sad.

  13. All these comments on fighter pay focuses on the top fighters they are relatively well paid. At the bottom fighters are relatively poorly paid. Nobody is discussing pay of the bottom and middle tier fighters.
    JJ complaining about being on $5 mil a fight is not the same as a struggling fighter on $10K to show $10K to win – medical expenses, gym fees, managers fees, travel expenses with a 15 year career window and no pension.

    Even if they got 50% of UFC revenue how should that money be distributed.

  14. I think regardless of the percentage that the fighters are getting, the ability for NBA, NFL, and other athletes have to have sponsors (ex. LeBron with Nike or Usain Bolt with Puma) vs. a 5k Reebok check lol. Fighters need to be able to wear their own gear and their own sponsora

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