Hello friends, my name is Christine, and welcome to Frugal Fit Mom! Today is going to be a clean with me video after camping all weekend. All of our things …


  1. When I watched something like Hoarders, which was rarely, I always thought about the pain people must have felt to get to this place, and how many times they were left alone in a crisis until everyone sees the aftermath. I never judge them and I have never found it entertaining. It just breaks my heart for them as well as for the brave people finally tackling the mess at that stage.

    I have heard so many people judge other people by their cleanliness, especially women amongst each other, instead of cherishing their heart and their kindness that I sometimes "joke" that you could be a serial killer living next door as long as your house is clean and you appear ok. And when it comes out people will be so shocked and say, "But their lawn was always soooo well-groomed…We NEVER saw that coming…!"

  2. A show with 20-minute episodes that I think you'll like is Schitt's Creek on Netflix. Upbeat, quirky and generally positive. Hope this suggestion helps with your "tv ADD"!

  3. The tv add is probably related to Covid-19, many people are having this. The worry just takes up so much of your unconscious mind that it makes it hard to focus. I’m feeling it too especially because of the up tick of cases in November. 🙏🏻💜

  4. It’s August 3rd and I live in the outskirts of Orlando where our numbers are out of control but everything’s open so I really don’t expect anything different… it’s crazy that we have the second highest numbers as far as the states go..

  5. I love seeing your kids, especially your husband. Is that weird? I don’t mean for it to be weird. I mean, he’s super handsome but I just love seeing husbands support their wives. Plus he seems like a cool guy. Also, I noticed you never quote The Office. Have you seen it. If not, YOU HAVE TO. you will LOVE it. It is hilarious!! I’ve seen the entire series three times and going in my third. Watch it!!

  6. We're still in stage 1 😭 they're super close to forcing masks when out of your house in our area(SE washington). envious mom of 3 young kids missing the library and park 😭

  7. I love watching your videos. I definitely think you should keep the kids in the videos if they are comfortable. You have a wonderful family and it is nice hanging out with you all. 😊

  8. I like the involvement of the kids. It's gives me ideas on how to incorporate my own instead of me doing it all :). Hailey may be one of those awesome teenagers that doesn't hit the teenage girl sassiness. I kept waiting for it also and my daughter just turned 18, still no sass!!!! She even surprised me and asked to stay at home for the first 2 years of college. I count that as a win!!!!

  9. I actually met one of the experts of the TV show Hoarders in a Costco. She was super nice and so sweet. She took the time to talk with me, to take a picture with me and everything. I can find her name…if anyone cares, lol!! Haley seems like a good kid…Monk is hilarious to me and yes to kids cleaning!!

  10. Haley may not go through the teen disaster phase at all. She seems like a smart & confident kid with nothing to prove to anyone. Being a such a solid mom might have something to do with that. 😉. Just keep those lines of communication open and she’ll sail through. My daughter didn’t go through a rebellious stage either because we were very close and talked about everything! She’s now a university graduate and I’m so proud of her. Never let Haley forget you were a teen at one time too, is the secret (I think). Congrats on getting her liscense! 👍❤️

  11. We're alternating watching Monk and Mrs. Maisel (language caution). Quirky characters, but not comedies. For the camping without shower dilemma, I cannot recommend highly enough: Dude Shower Wipes! Order from Amazon or check your local outdoor store.

  12. You mentioned the show "hoarders" I can watch although I don't understand how people can allow themselves the become that way…anyway when hubby is home I just scroll on past" hoarders " as the show makes him mad that people can be that way. Sorry such a long message. Love your channel!

  13. Omg my aunt was a major hoarder. When she passed away I cleaned out her house. I got one of those huge, long dumpsters and that wasn’t even enough! The smell was horrible. We found dead things 😑. I did find some good things like my antique buffet and china cabinet. I had to let them air out and clean them really well, but I ended up painting them white. They were an outdated cherry finish. They’re gorgeous now. I use the china cabinet as a pantry and the buffet has my tv stand (I want to use it for babies as a changing table eventually). It took me several weeks to get through it all. Every inch of her house and the outside was covered in stuff. She had dogs and didn’t take them out to potty. It was insane, but I do love my antique pieces I found. My dad always says that his grandmother would be so happy they are being used 💗

  14. T.v. show you could try are
    Man with a plan with Matt Leblanc and the goldbergs. This one is so funny.
    I like your family being in your videos..they are part of who you are and we get to see them grow.

  15. Watched the camping vid, smiled the whole way through, partly because not a lot of families would've handled the small camper and no shower thing as well, lol. I adore Hailey and she deserves to be bragged on (all your chilis do!). Our library opened three weeks ago, but for 'pick-up' only — you have to place holds on books on-line, then call when you're in the parking lot and they put them on a cart. I miss browsing the book aisles! But kudos to our library staff for the pick-up option.

  16. If you like British shows and you like murder mysteries, I have found that Father Brown is rather entertaining but episodes are like 40 minutes-ish. My family likes Kim’s Convenience. It’s funny and only 20ish minutes. My husband and I really enjoyed Dead to Me but not sure if you would like it (some language) but it is hilarious at times but it can get dark too. Oh and I almost forgot Derry Girls. Hilarious Irish TV show about North Ireland in the 1990s. It’s 20ish minutes. There is some language though. Just a few thoughts.😉

  17. In Canada we’re not permitted to drive before we pass the written test. It looks like she was driving on the way to the test. Is that right? What is required before she’s allowed to drive?

  18. I feel like you might like Castle if you haven't seen that before. Keeps your attention and is humorous but interesting and with a good story/plot. Great characters and cast too, definitely one to try out. 🙂

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