Cannabis Tips n' Tricks #4 – Using the Correct Soil for Your Plants!

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  1. Im not going to transplant, so when i plant my seeding sprouts how long should i wait to use Fox farm the 3 bottles of nutrients such as: Tiger Bloom Buds and Blooms Fertilizer, Fox farm organic liquid plant food Big Bloom concentrate. Forfarm instant concentrate Grow Big Liquid plant food for lush vegetative Growth . There all 1 pint bottles, i need someone to help me with which ones to use at which stages,etc please? First time grower. Btw i have 5 girl scout cookies x jack herrer hybrid thc thca 30 plus percent.

  2. Thanks man im going to try this No more Mg thats my second seedling falling on Mg . I remember a long time ago i grew one from the soil in my front yard and the light from my window it was growing with cristals

  3. I don't like their soil. They have holes in the bag which has brought bugs in my house. A lot fungus gnats have come from bags just like that. Pro mix is the way to grow.

  4. Once I learned cannabis plants I use Happy frog amended with Earth Juice Grow and Bloom as per bag. Water 6.8-7.0. Plants rarely needs flushed and my medicine seems to work well. Like happy frog because I can water to weight then normally can get away a day and a half between waterings.

  5. I totally agree !!! Used to use Ocean Forest and a few runs with Root's Organics and Happy Frog work's GREAT !!!!! I'm sticking with Happy Frog. He hit the nail on the head about just adding water and not knowing what's going on !!!!

  6. pH is great just make sure not to overwater this soil for seedlings in 1-5gallon pots. if they have 1-3 nodes literally just water in rings around the roots force them to spread out and get used to the soil.

  7. Love that product, I am raising redwiggler worms, and I use it for my bedding, then feed my worms all organic stuff if worms can live in that condition, that's the same ph as medical plants, my customers got a rich start, worm poo already in there

  8. Great info on this soil. Just bought a bag for my next round. Currently using ocean forest.will it hurt if I top my pots off with happy frog now that plants are well started and soil has settled. Thanks

  9. So do you add nutes from the start? I got 2 week old plants using this soil only, was waiting to add the nutes after transplanting butt..

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