Cannabis Laws in South Africa.

Andrew Lawrie from Johannesburg based cannabis law specialists Schindlers Attorneys explains the Dagga laws as they stand in South Africa. Trade …


  1. I dont i said one person in the worlds that died from marijuana.not the past it was stereotyped as whe n u smock u go crazy.only now science has proven that that is a lie.because the perentage of insane people never went many people die from cigarettes go on to google now and check 44000 ppl a year i dont even wana go into alchohol so i just cant wait till the day its allowed to be smocked just as that killer ciggerett e only difference is whats ill be smocked has many healing properties.

  2. The plant was there before the laws were put in place,just as u were created so was the plant,and its not only a plant but more of that helps with cancer,seizure,.cigerrets are being sold(man made with the tar added and machinery used aswell as alcohol.this is not even worth debating seriously this is a God made plant that bears fruits which is the buds,what we smock not the conclusion theres a mango tree,banana tree,and a popo tree we can have all that but what about the other tree that bears fruits marijuana why cant we have of that fruit🤔🤔🤔

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