Brush Hogging Tall Grass with a Bush Hog Tractor Mower

When my grass gets over 12″ tall, I prefer to mow it down with my bush hog/brush hog. In the video I show the bush hog in action and make the point that even a …


  1. There was a time when a sharp bladed bush hog was just a fact of life
    And if you want a great mower a cub with a belly mower was the ticket !
    If you wanted a real mower a Lo Boy Cub was the ultimate mowing machine !
    Yes Brother !
    Been there done that !
    A sharp bladed bush hog especially on a tractor that has the proper gearing !
    Like a international 424 in low range with the rpm`s up a bit !
    Well 🙂 They can make pretty mowed grass even with a bush hog 🙂

  2. Why wouldn't you cut and bale that kind of grass for hay? Someone would come and cut and bale that for 50% of the bales and you could sell the other 50%. or give it to the baler.

  3. I have one area which I use my bush hog and tractor on each Summer since it does a fine job doing it. There are times when my lawnmower quit on me, and I have to use my brush hog to mow my lawn until I get my mower fixed. Right now I have to buy a tool to drain my crank case oil, and install more for my tractor since it has been awhile since it had to be lubed.

  4. You need a couple cows in there never understood why people cut grass in the country I mean around your yard yeah but I'm the field? Lol makes me laugh

  5. We bought a 1963 Massey Ferguson 35X and a (then new) 5ft Fleming topper back in 2000 and it's been indispensable around our smallholding. We don't have the rear jockey wheel so it just rides on the skids with chains to the top link allowing it to follow the ground and I'm surprised how good a finish I can get on grass that is regularly cut so long as I keep the blades sharp – amazing for something that is more designed to smash down brambles than maintain a lawn.

    If the ground is soft enough for the skids to sink in I hold it so most of the weight is held on the linkage. By watching the tension in the chains and adjusting the height control I can still get a reasonably uniform cut.

    Gearbox is supposed to have SAE90 oil in it but the output seals don't last long so for the last 10 years I have used grease instead and it's still OK.

  6. You need a short section of chain in place of the top link that is long enough to just let the swivel wheel on back of bush hog to always be on the ground  with the front of bush hog raised to about 2 inches above ground. That way when cutting, the bush hog will "float" with the contours of ground. I also noticed that you were constantly changing the throttle setting, unless the throttle  keeps backing itself off, it should stay at a constant speed until you get finished, Set the height of bush hog while sitting on a level surface then use the lift stops so that when you set the bush hog down to cut it will always go to the preset height adjustment.

  7. May I suggest you checkout a "FLAIL MOWER" they cut through the same stuff as a bush hog and can also cut like a finishing mower. 2 tools in the one implement.

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