Best CBD Oils 2020

I sent over 80 CBD products to a lab to see if they’re real. Here are the best CBD oils. I paid for the products and lab tests. Visit Jeremy at CBDExamine [dot] com …


  1. Ordered from directcbdonline for the first time, got a liquid and a vape pen, went back to re order today and the vape pen is not on their site. Know anything about this?

  2. I came aross this just in time before purchasing some online. I was just thinking how it would be nice to see test results to know if they’re valid products. Thanks for the research and info! 🙂

  3. I looked on Lazarus Naturals website. I didn't find the high amount of THC that he said was in it.

    On their website they say it is a tincture, but then list MCT oil. That's not a tincture. I believe the MCT oil is part of the wonderful results our loved ones who we are using it for with Dementia are getting too.

  4. Hi, can you test Tommy Chong’s CBD. he's got a website selling cbd and would like to know how good they are … I wouldn't mind supporting & buying from him… thanx

  5. Thank you so much for recording this video, I wasting my money on useless hemp oils on Amazon. Bluebird is actually running a site sitewide promotion for 35 percent off. Excited to try their cbd oils.

  6. I got some on the black market in albania a drop would sit on the end of a toothpick and when you flick it gently downwards it stretches and the drop goe's back up and form a circle again.. it is green and it lowers your blood pressure ..all the other ones i tried made me hyper.. which i think speeding up your blood pressure is not a good thing if you have cancer.. but its expensive.. it goes for 20euros per cubic 1mg 🤢

  7. I was wondering if you would test SBX Farms CBD oil 1000 milligram, out of Tennessee. I absolutely love what you do. It's a blessing to have someone with integrity steering people in the right direction

  8. Thanks for the video review – I definitely needed this information. I'm a complete noob to CBD Oils and needed this kind of information before making a choice about which one I want to try for joint pain purposes. So after this video I went with Medterra because you say it has zero THC. Even though I'm working remotely, I don't want that in my system. So thanks again, I hope the CBD oil will help me a bit.

  9. Test Quicksilver full spectrum and Broad Spectrum CBD. I'm betting You haven't tested a CBD like it before and the delivery system is superior to all the ones you probably have tested.

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