Are Republicans onboard with legalizing marijuana in Wisconsin?

A Marquette University Law School poll in 2019 showed 59% of Wisconsinites support full legalization. Subscribe to WISN on YouTube now for more: …


  1. its funny how we have to ask permission to put something into our own bodies. its like the government has a higher ownership over your body than you do, how free do you feel now?

  2. it's legal up here in canada and we have money for all kinds a infrastructure and programs i wonder why they are against money by the people for the people

  3. people who are opposed to recreational marijuana, i bet most of them are for alcohol being legal though. such pathetic hypocrasy, i wonder how many of these people opposed to it engage in critical thinking… ever…?

  4. Make sure they allow home grows and licensing that benefits small businesses. Big corporations will start to lobby the WI government to make Rec laws that will make it hard for smaller businesses to get in.

  5. Yes it should and users should be reimbursed for the thousands of dollars paid in fines for possession! My last ticket was 1800$ for a 20$ pipe and 20 grams!

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