Airo Pro Battery and Buckeye Relief Vape Pen Review

Today i check out vaporizer cartridge made by buckeye Relief a legal ohio medical marijuana processor in partnership with AiroPro …


  1. Man I just can't get enough of these Buckeye Relief Airopro carts!!! I just got my card in July, and I tried a Grow Ohio vape cart, a few Firelands Scientific vape carts, and a couple of Standard Wellness and one Calyx Peak cart. Since I bought my Airopro battery and the first carts for it, that's the only kind of cart I have bought! Strawberry Fields in Monroe has the live resin ones for $50 each! How can people complain about that??? Standard Wellness and Firelands Scientific's regular distillate vape carts are about the same price! I do wish that they made the Airopro carts with closer to a gram, but I am very happy with these carts for now!

  2. Hey I just got a Purple Hindu live flower cart the other day! I saw that Strawberry Fields in Monroe just got in a bunch of new ones too! I just got my card in July, and I tried a Grow Ohio cart and one luster pod, a few Standard Wellness and Firelands Scientific distillate carts, but since I tried Airopro that's the only kind of cart I've bought! So far I have tried three distillate carts: Black Mamba sativa, Blue Dream hybrid, and Northern Lights indica, one live flower series, which is the Purple Hindu, and a few live resin series: Grapefruit Sour Dream, Velvet Blush, Close Encounter, and Lemon Dosidos. Some places have the price really high, but others it's way more reasonable, especially if they have a sale.

    Also a "pro tip" the little magnet adapters that are included with the $20 Lokee Hyde 510 cart battery will let you use the Airopro battery with any regular 510 threaded cart, as long as the cart isn't too big around and you have to use the smaller adapter and put it so the notches point down, or it won't work because the cart won't get air flow. I already had a couple of those Lokee Hyde's laying around, so I just put the little adapters in the baggie with my charging cable in the Airopro case. I tried it out with my old, nearly empty Firelands Scientific, Grow Ohio, and Standard Wellness carts and it worked great!

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