A Psychedelic Trip to Holland Reveals the Healing Powers of Psilohuasca | HEALING POWERS

While many psychedelic adventurers have had both good and bad trips on “magic mushrooms” a.k.a. psilocybe cubensis, new research is demonstrating that …


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  2. If anxiety is caused by dark entities there is no way you can heal it on your own. Only a healer can help you but you have to find a true one. How I know? Happened to me..

  3. stupid hippy crap, you're better of somewhere else for proper information and harm reduction. in her specific case, she might want to have her serotonin levels checked and if needed, raised.

  4. how many grams of syrian rue was that? what truffles was the shrooms used at what grams? i'm trying to re-create your trip with similar dosage, please reply if you ever see this jane, thanks

  5. Tripping and being indoors sucks. Easy for a trip to spiral into a claustrophobic bad trip. Outdoors walking on a trail or just being outdoors in general is so much more meaningful.

  6. I have hemophilia and struggle with shots all my life and the pain just random pain in random places but mostly in my joints I’m trying my best to get medical marijuana but all anyone cares about is money which I don’t have.. I have used marijuana before and try to as much as I can but not all the time I have it and it’s hard just wish I knew a way…

  7. It is misleading to use any part of the name Ayahuasca when they are not using any part of the B. Caapi vine, known as Ayahuasca! They are just trying to ride on the cosmic tail of Ayahuasca..hence using its name

  8. Zazen would be the Key to her becoming more balanced. So, what she is describing about herself is what most of the Commoners experience, which is psychosis or neuroticism, which is a side-effect of all the Conditioning in all from of media, i.e., news and ALL social platforms. Further, the reason for the lack of spirituality is due to all the FLUORIDE in plastics, water, and toothpaste, which is a toxin and kills everything it comes into contact with; moreover, Fluoride calcifies the Pineal Gland, so it dumbs one down in their frequency (Energy/Vibration) to their Root Chakra (red), which means one is working via the Reptilian Brian (left side), which is the Fight or Flight response.

  9. This is actually how I felt after tripping. Yin yang is exactly what I thought too. Light and dark is a correlation with good and evil and they are both balanced

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