8 Signs You're Emotionally Numb

Are you emotionally numb? Do you feel depressed, empty, and lose interest in the things you used to enjoy? Emotional numbness is when you lose the ability to …


  1. I suffer from Past traumatic stress disorder anxiety, depression, spinal chord injury, diabetic, blood pressure and kidney disease in addition Insecurity, poverty and displacement have had a devastating effect on me and my family I need a lot of financial help to pay for my medicine and treatment. Which charity and beneficent people can help me and relieve my painful life a little? I will be thankful.

  2. You have to be emotionally numb to survive in this fucked up world !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Listen to Pink Floyd ". Comfortably Numb " !!!! They got it worked out years ago !!!!!!!!!!!

  3. My numbness is different from others I feel nothing but hate and pain and it has come to the point where I * myself with my nails. I try to smile in front of my family and my "friends" but I don't know how… I do wish to somehow bring back my feelings on my own(I used to feel emotions but not anymore). I'm trying to become YouTube famous to bring my feelings back but it's not going so well. I wish I could cry but I can't I haven't cried since I was 11 years old I'm 13 now. Sorry for making anyone else sad by my comment I don't want to make anyone sad.

  4. I got to the point where eating and breathing were like a chore, It makes me forget I'm a human, Ive never felt so blessed I wanted to be happy but I can't do it

  5. this happened to me after the worst heartbreak i ever experienced, i used to feel so much and now i don’t feel at all, it’s scary and i don’t like it, i try my best to do things to keep me going but 😞 truth is i just want to be able to feel how i used to

  6. No one understands the mental pressure students are going through in these times, we just care about goals we have to achieve to be eligible for the society and don't think about our own well being. Life isn't life anymore, it's just a pointless race. I have tears in my eyes while typing this, but I can't tell anyone but some strangers online

  7. I smile at everything which is not ideal for every situation because I noticed people get triggered by it they think that I'm happy or enjoying their suffering the thing is I can't feel anything and that smile is just a decoration I can't show any other facial expressions a smile is the easiest to fake

  8. For a long time, people always think i'm always stupidly happy because i'm always smiling, because i don't want people to see my vulnerable side or be sad because of me. But i don't, i constantly feel sad, and depressed. some of my friends even think, "youre always happy and never think of anything". And because of that I tried to be what they want, and it's not healthy at all.

  9. I think I’m about to reach the point where my emotions get so high they….. break. And then I feel nothing. Just. Existing. Breathing.

  10. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t feel sorrow and heartbreak or constant pain. At the same time I can’t remember the last time I cried.

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