1. I need to start taking offering like these people because when u realize they trying to take offering then you can simply take the offering too hahah the offering for anyone that can see it hahahahah

  2. Damn fine play. And great analogy with retirement. One of the toughest concepts is not treating it like a salad bar and take one of everything but rather walk along the bar until you spot that juicy apple at the end. Then grab four. LoL

  3. Tim, thanks for helping the little guy and gal with simple learning of how the market works. I have been following you since 2009 and you have not changed your style. You a truly a genuine sole. Much respect and love for you brother. 🙏👍

  4. Hey Tim, regarding SSFT i made a few dollars .. but we were all hoping for a bigger spike to this news .. but i noticed the float was extremely high.. felt it needed a really rocket ship level volume to drive out to .60 and above .. still made couple of bucks ..

  5. Morning routine:
    Open up Stocks to trade
    Look at screeners to find pre-market spikers for the 9:30 selloff. (Dip buy opp.)
    By 8:30 eyes glued to “breaking news” for the right news to ride waves .

    Rinse and repeat

  6. I tried scaling up on Wednessday with NKLA first thing in the morning. And it instanly started dropping. Lost 450 on that trade. I usually have a 95% green ratio making about 10 trades a day. I got cocky and thought NKLA would keep going up. Had I waited 30min before buying I would have made $650 on that same stock

  7. This market is HOT! Just spent the last 10 hours watching any videos I could find on you. Might be time for me to buy some new tools. Hope your friday is good!

  8. This market is hella hot. I just started trading and I have the biggest fomo because I have a lot of restrictions and I’m based in Europe so I have fewer platforms to chose for trading and mine that I use has a limited offer of stocks so I can’t take advantage of some of the extra volatile stocks. I want to change the brokerage platform as soon as I hit that 25k. I’m at 7.5k mark and I rly wanna hit that goal by the end of the year. Thank you so much for your knowledge! Every time I failed it was because I didn’t apply your #1 rule- cut the losses!!! Now I know better 😀

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